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the "steroid effect" of Mars transit to natal Node of the Moon

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Mars is the only planet in astrology that is orbiting outside the Earth and meanwhile it is a planet that is personal and individual for each person. It is different in the way that it is not generational like Saturn and other outer planets. In our previous chapters, we learned that Mars is the planet of strength, will power and our sense of action, just like Ares God of War, which is its mythological symbolism. In our psychology, Mars is the planet of energy. In a positive light, it rules all types of physical activities and our energy source. If the Sun in astrology is what we believe in and what we live by, Mars is the fuel and the “steroid” to urge us into action. Mars is also the counterpart of Venus: males and female, masculine and feminine, war and peace, aggression and receptivity. Without Mars, we have no energy to execute our plans. Everything would stay stagnent as an imagination in our mind. 

Mark (given name) - Wikipedia Mars, God of War in Roman Mythology


Since there is a very masculine attribute in Mars, when transit Mars and our Natal North Node come into contact, there is a strong sense of initiation and important new undertakings. This triggering event doesn’t happen very often since Mars takes almost 2 years to complete one orbit. So in general, this “energy boost” comes usually once every two years (Of course, it also depends on which sign it retrogrades in.) People who have sun sign, moon sign, ascendant sign and midheaven in Aries or Scorpio particularly will benefit from this transit. The transit of Mars to North Node could bring generosity, courage and heroism. We might do deeds which are prompted by nobility, high sense of duty and manliness. We radiate good intentions through our own actions. Some of us will take on a large project and push for physical limits. This is  an exuberant but somewhat a bit reckless vibe. So proper caution should be applied in any actions. Having said that, Mars transit North Node is generally speaking a whistel to call for action. 

I also noticed that quite a lot of professional athletes have either conjunction or trine/sextile angles between their natal North Node and Mars. Rich Froning, 4 times Crossfit game champion having natal North Node in Aries trine natal Mars in Leo. Michael Phelps, the renowned competitive swimmer who won 28 gold medals in the Olympic Games, also has his Natal Mars in Cancer sextile his natal North Node in Taurus. Of course, the natal contact of Mars and North Node like the two athletes previous mentioned is different from a temporary transit since anything natal is much stronger and imbeded throughout your life time. However when the transit happens top us, it does somehow pour fuel into our engine, and it is almost like a refill of adrenaline. If you do happen to be an athlete and need to compete during Mars-North Node transit, no matter you have the natal Mars-North Node contact or not, you are for sure blessed by the cosmos and will receive some divine assistance to win.  

During this period time, there could be males figures or strong female figures coming into our life to offer assistance, and they maybe exciting and passionate. Someone is willing to take positive action on your behalf. This is a great timing to social, net-work and connect with strong male figures.

Since Mars also rules our sex drive, Mars transit North Node could also boost our sexual desire and create passion, if meanwhile Venus is also in contact. There is potential for new beginnings in the area of romance as well as in other relationships, and the contact is very basic to sexual harmony. I have seen many people describe their unforgettable sexual experience when Mars was transiting their North Node. This is the time for action, sexual pursuit and the chase. 

What in 2020 and early 2021, how will Mars transit affect you? The chart below has put together the information for you to find out your glorious Mars time. Take actions and go for what you want!


Natal North Node


Time when Mars comes in conjunction between May 2020 and March 2022 (1.5~2 years ahead)

Special Lucky time (with Sun conjunct North Node at the same time)


Oct 10 1953 to Apr 02 1955

Apr 28 1972 to Oct 27 1973

Nov 19 1990 to Aug 01 1992

25 Jan~ 5 Mar 2021



Apr 03 1955 to Oct 04 1956

Oct 28 1973 to Jul 09 1975

Aug 02 1992 to Feb 01 1994

14 Dec 2020~ 24 Jan 2021

14 Dec~ 21 Dec 2021


Oct 05 1956 to Jun 16 1958

Jul 10 1975 to Jan 07 1977

Feb 02 1994 to Jul 31 1995

31 Oct~ 13 Dec 2021

31 Oct~ 21 Nov 2021


Jun 17 1958 to Dec 15 1959

Jun 08 1977 to Jul 05 1978

Aug 01 1995 to Jan 25 1997

15 Sep~ 30 Oct 2021

23 Sep~ 22 Oct 2021


Dec 16 1959 to Jun 10 1961

Jul 06 1978 to Jan 05 1980

Jan 26 1997 to Oct 20 1998

30 Jul~14 Sep 2021

23 Aug~14 Sep 2021


Jun 11 1961 to Dec 23 1962

Jan 06 1980 to Sep 24 1981

Oct 21 1998 to Apr 09 2000

12 Jun~ 29 Jul 2021

23 Jul~ 29 Jul 2021


Dec 24 1962 to Aug 25 1964

Sep 25 1981 to Mar 16 1983

Apr 10 2000 to Oct 13 2001

24 Apr~11 Jun 2021



Aug 26 1964 to Feb 19 1966

Mar 17 1983 to Sep 11 1984

Oct 14 2001 to Apr 14 2003

4 Mar~23 Apr 2021



Feb 20 1966 to Aug 19 1967

Sep 12 1984 to Apr 06 1986

7 Jan~ 3 Mar 2021



Aug 20 1967 to Apr 19 1969

Apr 07 1986 to Dec 02 1987

28 Jun 2020~ 6 Jan 2021



Apr 20 1969 to Nov 02 1970

Dec 03 1987 to May 22 1989

13 May~ 27 Jun 2020



Mar 29 1952 to Oct 09 1953

Nov 03 1970 to Apr 27 1972

May 23 1989 to Nov 18 1990

1 May~12 May 2020



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