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Jupiter’s Annual Transit to the Dragon Head


Many astrology learners love Jupiter. Jupiter is the Greater fortune. In Astrology, Jupiter signifies abundance, fortune, opportunity and expansion. It also rules the zodiac sign Sagittarius, which is the sign of travel, philosophy and higher education. Almost everything on your natal chart, when transiting Jupiter touches it, it brings out some joyful surprises. Learning to work with Jupiter transit helps us to create even more opportunities in life, meanwhile it also teaches us lessons that we can never learn from other plants transit.

While this aspect gives a lot of control over these activities, one is learning about spending habits and there maybe a reappraisal of the financial affairs and often some initial frustrations before one works with the circumstances to find the proper solution. Extra money coming in may only cover an increased amount going out. Large expenditures may bring gains of a spiritual or philosophical sort.

There is increased interest in tertiary education, philosophy or religion. Getting a diploma or certification is often seen when Jupiter is having a transit to our North Node. I remember years ago a client of mine decided to go back to University to do a Master Degree after 10 years working as an asset manager in finance. She had always been very interested in psychology but never had an opportunity to explore this field when she was younger. When her progressed Moon was transiting her natal 9th house, which is the house of higher education, she made her decision to enrol in a distant learning Master program in psychology with a famous university in Australia. 2 years later, when transiting Jupiter touched her natal North Node, she successfully completed her degree and decided to look for a job in psychology related filed as a counsellor (notice that her progressed Moon had moved into her 10th house around the same time, which signifies a successful career change.). Some people find console in a new religion or a spiritual study when Jupiter transits natal north node. Remember that North Node is the growth, is the unknown and it is the potential development that we need to go through. No matter what the study is, usually education decisions made around this time tends to be enlightening. If you are considering re-investing in your education, this is a great time not to miss!

What I noticed during my years of consultation with clients is that there is often a helpful person in the life who acts as a catalyst to our financial or spiritual growth. There may be someone of a philosophical mind who can be of some special help and assistance. This could be a teacher, a friend or a family member who has prominent Jupiter in their natal chart (such as Jupiter conjunct/trine ascendant, Sun or many natal planets in Sagittarius) It is a feel-good contact, though often tempting you to take on too much and make big promises.

Since Jupiter is also to do with publishing, book writing and publicity tend to go well and increased opportunities can be seem. Personally I did have my first book published when I was 18 years ago when Jupiter was trine my North Node, with progressed Moon conjunct North Node as well. Things we write during this time tends to get more attention from the society and be easily noticed by authority figures.

Long-distance travel usually turns out favourably. When Jupiter is touching the north node, we might be going on a trip to a county far away that we have never been. The experience gained during this transit is magnificent, eye-opening and satisfying. The foreign culture and experience could take us through life. North Node is an expansive vibration, it opens up many things that used to be hidden or held back.

Another thing I noticed is that since Jupiter is the symbol of abundance, one can easily gain weight during this time. However it doesn’t have to negative. If you want to put on several kilos of muscle and get bulky, Jupiter could be very much helpful in your training cycle.

The house area ruled by Jupiter (house cusp in Sagittarius) or the house where your natal Jupiter is located could get a significant boost with happy increases. If Jupiter goes retrograde around this time, it may make multiple passes within a few month.

Since Jupiter takes 12 months to transit one sign, the Jupiter/North Node transit will be a once every 12 years experience. Even though it is a long time, but it is surely a life-changing period of time. Check out the chart below to find out when you are welcoming this happy transit for you.

Natal North Node


Time when Jupiter comes in conjunction over the next 12 years

Special Lucky time (with Sun conjunct North Node at the same time)


Oct 10 1953 to Apr 02 1955

Apr 28 1972 to Oct 27 1973

Nov 19 1990 to Aug 01 1992

19th Dec 2020;

16th Nov 2031~
11th Apr 2032

21st Dec 2031~
21st Jan 2032



Apr 03 1955 to Oct 04 1956

Oct 28 1973 to Jul 09 1975

Aug 02 1992 to Feb 01 1994

23rd Oct 2030~
15th Nov 2031


21st Nov 2030~
21st Dec 2030


Oct 05 1956 to Jun 16 1958

Jul 10 1975 to Jan 07 1977

Feb 02 1994 to Jul 31 1995

24th Sep 2029~
22nd Oct 2030

21st Oct 2029~
21st Nov 2029;

21st Oct 2030~
22nd Oct 2030


Jun 17 1958 to Dec 15 1959

Jun 08 1977 to Jul 05 1978

Aug 01 1995 to Jan 25 1997

24th Aug 2028~
23rd Sep 2029


21st Sep 2028~
21st Oct 2028;

21st Sep 2029~
23rd Sep 2029



Dec 16 1959 to Jun 10 1961

Jul 06 1978 to Jan 05 1980

Jan 26 1997 to Oct 20 1998

26th Jul 2027~
23rd Aug 2028



21st Aug 2027~
21st Sep 2027;

21st Aug 2028~
23rd Aug 2028


Jun 11 1961 to Dec 23 1962

Jan 06 1980 to Sep 24 1981

Oct 21 1998 to Apr 09 2000

30th Jun 2026~
25th Jul 2027


21st Jul 2026~
21st Aug 2026;

21st Jul 2027~
25th Jul 2027



Dec 24 1962 to Aug 25 1964

Sep 25 1981 to Mar 16 1983

Apr 10 2000 to Oct 13 2001

10th Jun 2025~
29th Jun 2026

21st Jun 2025~
21st Jul 2025;

21st Jun 2026~
29th Jun 2026



Aug 26 1964 to Feb 19 1966

Mar 17 1983 to Sep 11 1984

Oct 14 2001 to Apr 14 2003

26th May 2024~
9th Jun 2025


26th May 2024~
21st Jun 2024;

21st May 2025~
9th Jun 2025



Feb 20 1966 to Aug 19 1967

Sep 12 1984 to Apr 06 1986

17th May 2023~
25th May 2024


17th May 2023~
21st May 2023;

21st Apr 2024~
21st. May 2024


Aug 20 1967 to Apr 19 1969

Apr 07 1986 to Dec 02 1987

11 May 2022~
27th Oct 2022;

21st Dec 2022~
16th May 2023

21st Mar 2023~
21st Apr 2023




Apr 20 1969 to Nov 02 1970

Dec 03 1987 to May 22 1989

14th May 2021~ 28th July 2021;

29th Dec 2021~ 10th May 2022;

28th Oct 2022~
20th Dec 2022

21st Feb 2022~ 21st Mar 2022



Mar 29 1952 to Oct 09 1953

Nov 03 1970 to Apr 27 1972

May 23 1989 to Nov 18 1990

20th Dec 2020~

13 May 2021;

29th July 2021~ 28th Dec 2021

21st Jan 2021~21st Feb 2021


Letao~the Kingdom Healer