theKingdomHealer’s diary

Why has 2021 been a challenging year, and what can we expect next?



In the blink of an eye, we are already in mid August 2021. The first eight months have not been easy for humanity as a whole, filled with natural disastors and human conflicts. Though Covid-19 started in 2020, the most deadly Delta variant started in 2021 and has wreaked havoc across the world. Before we start to explain how the planetary energy is working forward, let's do a quick summary for the past 8 months. 

January: Rioters broke into and desercrated White House for the first time in US history. 

February: Myanmar milary Coup-d'etat and the killing of civilians.

March: Evergreen got stuck near the Egyptian city of Suez.

April: Violence in Myanmar continues, Violence in Jerusalem, Taiwan Hualian train crash

May:  Belarus protests, Chinese factory fire explosion

June: Hungary protests

July, August: extensive fire in Southern Europe and Turkey; while North Europe and China were flooding.

Some times we could always blame the nature for causing us trouble. One of the biggest challenging aspect between planets in 2021 is the major square of Uranus and Saturn. Uranus is the awakener, the rebellious but also the innovative energy. Uranus does not follow traditions and the norms, it wants equality, democracy and inclusive way of dealing with things and people. While Saturn is the old father, the doctorine, the one that wants things to remain as they are. The square (90° between them) is a challenging aspect, which is bound to produce tension between the involved planets' energies. But a little tension can be helpful sometimes. This aspect illuminates a stressful situation that can be resolved with compromise and adjustment. We can trace back to 1988, 2001 and 2008, when Uranus and Saturn had close contact in the recent past. In 1988 the Soviet Union collapsed, in 2001 the twin tower in NY collapsed, and in 2008 and great recession came and the financial system collapsed. Uranus and Saturn contact is surely difficult, but it is also an awakening and revolutionary call to us to change and adjust our current systematic approach. A hundred years ago, democracy was the answer for development and prosperity, while in 2021 after China's 40 years of economic reforms, during a phone call between Xi Jinping and Joe Biden, Xi told Biden that democracy cannot keep up with autocracy. Suddenly when we are all beliving in democracy without a doubt starts to think, how has an autocracy country dictated by a single party achieved great success economically? Saturn/Uranus square taps on our shoulder and needs us to review and re-examine our approach so far. 

The past 8 months is filled with protests around the world, where people demand changes and justice. Uranus is young and Saturn is old; Uranus is globalization and democracy while Saturn is nationalsim and authoritarianism. Uranus is solar/wind and other new power resources, while Saturn is the old coal, gas and oil resources. This is the year when people are trying to achieve new ways to revoluntionize things while we are also seeing the opposing forces stopping us from doing so. While scientists are trying to get everyone to understand Covid-19 and vaccinated, the opposing force says Covid is a lie and vaccination is a scam. What are we learning from all the confrontations and failures so far? Until some governments and more people become more willing to open their mind, we might have more lessons to learn. 

In Sepember and October, Saturn will be in retrograde and temporarily stay away from Uranus' in Taurus for a while, but the entire December Saturn and Uranus will form its last square over Christmas 2021 at 11° Aquarius and Taurus respectively. We are expecting some more major happenings in the year end. How we can survive and even come out of it like a pheonix really depends on if we have learnt our lessons by then. 

On an individual level, Since the square happens in fixed signs Aquarius and Taurus, for all fixed signed Sun/Moon/Mercury/Mars people, this is especially a challenging time. If you know you are a Scorpio, Leo, Taurus and Aquarius, the year 2021 is all about facing reality, learning, understanding, surrending and moving on. Do more meditation and connect yourself to your higher consciouness will help the process. Avoid stubbornness and dillusional behaviors. 

On December 29th 2021, Jupiter will finally move into Pisces, which is its own rulership. This transit will bring all the healing, compassion, empathy and benevolence back to the world. Especiall around April, Jupiter is coming to contact with Neptune, both in Pisces and both have rulerships of Pisces. This is a divine time to set intentions and connect with the cosmic force to manifest dreams. On 27th April, Moon and Venus will also join Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, sextile Mercury and the North Node. This is going to a magical day. Do some prayers and go to the ocean, the symbol of pisces. You might hear some divine guidance through the ocean. 



The healing is coming to the world and you.


Letao~the Kingdom Healer