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North Node in Aquarius (South Node in Leo)

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People born with North Node in Aquarius (South Node in Leo) have birthday between: (Based on Hong Kong time zone)


28th Mar 1952 6:15PM ~ 9th Oct 1953 1:04PM

2nd Nov 1970 6:44AM ~ 27th Apr 1972 4:40PM

22nd May 1989 7:40PM ~ 19th Nov 1990 2:48AM


Lovable Leos are famously known for their exuberance, loyalty and self-confidence. Leo is the natural sign for the 5th house on a astrological wheel, which symbolises children, entertainment and creative self expressions. Historically, many successful artists, singers and actors have very evident Leo in the birth chart. They shine as the centre of the stage and attracted attention of the society. Interestingly, South Node in Leo people indeed had a previous life of being the authority, or centre of the attention in the society or an organisation. They were kings, nobles, government officials and senior management of a big corporate; or a big movie star having fans chasing them around. They lived a life above the common folks and enjoyed privileges that were only given to them because of their fame and social statues. I noticed that one of the most evident characteristics of South Node in Leo people is that they are confident. They walk, talk and behave like a “king” or a “star”. There is a natural sense of “I know who I am and I know what I deserve” in them.


Leo is the sign of self expression. Due to this glamerous past life success, these folks overdeveloped their ego, and they could somehow be attached to this strong sense of “ Everybody looks at me! I am xxx!”  When South Node is located in Leo on a birth chart, these folks are living their life to learn how to control their ego and how to put group benefit in front of personal benefit, which is the energy of their North Node in Aquarius.


Since South Node in Leo people had a very privileged previous life, there sometimes tends to be a sense of entitlement in them. Sometimes it is earned, and some other times it is not. This false sense of entitlement could make them feel isolated and stuck in life. I remember one time I was in a social gathering. Someone was introducing a friend of mine to their guests. This friend of mine used to work in a famous investment bank for years, which she was very proud of. But somehow when they did the introduction, they made a mistake by saying she was in the field real estate. Her face suddenly turned very upset and corrected the speaker in a very sharp tone. The interesting part was that she kept feeling upset about this accidental mistake for the entire evening! Later I learnt that the reason for which she was upset was because she believed working in investment banking is considered a “high level” job in finance, and by telling people this “privileged” professional of hers it would make her appear more special. 


This psychology in her is a typical trap Leo South Node people tends to fall into. Because of this overdeveloped ego from their past life, they get very annoyed when they feel people are not showing them enough respect or treat them in a special way. As famous Astrologer Jan Spiller raised in her book “Astrology of the Soul”: “…their destiny is to come down from their isolated thrones and re-establish themselves as part of the collective…can also free themselves from ego entrapment by ceasing to judge and compare themselves with other people”. This brings us to the core of the problem for South Node in Leo that they tend to look at an issue only from their own point of view. This subjective viewpoint could hinder them from seeing the bigger picture of a situation and thus taking the right action. For example, a client of mine with this node position has been unhappy at work. When I asked him about the reason, he said, “Everyone in my team got promoted, but I am not. Why? Why not me?!” This strong sense of entitlement is so deeply rooted in them that when they are not getting the total approval from their environment, they get angry and bitter. This does not have to be about career advancement, sometime Leo South Node people can feel like this for very simple matters, such as “Why am I not invited to the party?”, or “Why do I have to wait in line so long?” The first step for South Node in Leo people to take is to learn how to look at any problem more objectively. For example, when this client learns he is not promoted, instead of getting angry and think “Why not? I deserve to be promoted!”, they should look at it as a self-reflection opportunity and think “Maybe I still need to learn more, improve more to reach my goal.”, or “I did a great job, but perhaps others in my team did even better. I gotta catch up!” This will bring them down to an equal level with everyone else and thus they can free themselves from their own negative emotion, especially their subtle arrogance.


South Node in Leo people have a solution to this. Having their North Node pointing at Aquarius, the sign of friendship, community and equality, these folks are very fortunate with their friends circle. One of the important things about friendship is that it must be build on an equal level. When South Node in Leo people have genuine friends, they are constantly reminded that they are leaving their own “throne” as the king and becoming a common folk just like everyone else. They naturally stop making judgement unlike they are high up there as the social elite, and become humble, equality oriented and build a sense of altruism to find acceptance and love. Leo South Node people need to be aware of the tendency that they love approvals. They breath it in and out everyday. Sometimes getting approval from their peers even becomes their pure motivation. However they are not aware of the fact that their desire for approval from others works like an additive drug, because they will always crave more no matter how much validation they get. In contrast, their North Node in Aquarius brings luck, love and happiness to them when they forfeit their ego-centred pursuit, but to dedicate their effort to a more humanitarian causes or group benefit. When they are not focusing on their own shiny image, but to see themselves as a part of the community to achieve something for everyone else, the magic happens: People love them for their effort, and will naturally give them the very approval they thirst for.


In 2021, both transiting Saturn and Jupiter will enter Aquarius, which will form a conjunction with the North Node for Leo South Node folks. This signifies a major transformation and regeneration. Usually this involves a re-evaluation of the self, the necessary letting go of the old ego and developing new understanding of the future. This sometimes needs us to be very self-aware and have an adult attitude towards what is practical and what is simply a dreamy illusion. Change or adjustment of our goals in a more realistic way is often required. Saturn transit North Node also brings some new encountering who are older than us. They might be someone who is more mature than us in terms of age, or someone in the authority who would lend us a helping hand for us to achieve further growth. Jupiter is the benefic star of luck and opportunity. This will future boost the developmet for Leo South Node people in 2021. Be humble during this time, Leo South Node. Humility will bring you one more step forward. Always remember that on the highest throne in the world, we still sit only on our own bottom.


Letao~the Kingdom Healer


Letao's predictive reading about Covid-19 and Hong Kong's future economy

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With 109 countries confirming coronavirus cases, and several countries reporting suspected cases, the outbreak of Covid-19 has already placed the world on a public health high-alert. Originated in Wuhan China, the virus spread to Hong Kong in late January, soon in February to European continent and many other countries. Medical professionals are exerting every effort to find treatment for this horrifying disease, and governments around the world are also taking precautionary measures to minimise the transmission. Hong Kong, where I live in, has been hit severely, following the over 6 months anti-government protests. Businesses have suffered tremendously, especially in travel and service industry.

Recently, I have had quite a few clients consulting me regarding their career. Since business has been very slow for companies in general, many clients have concerns regarding the future economy of Hong Kong and if they should consider relocation. Thus I did two separate readings regarding two issues at hand: 1) Will Coronavirus be contained successfully at a global level with in the next 3 months? 2) Will Hong Kong economy recover well at a general level in the near future?

I deliberately didn’t set a specific time time line for the second question. The reason is that for economy to recover, it usually takes longer time. We can see “near future” roughly as the next 1~1.5 years. I meditated for a while, shuffled the cards well while praying for the ending of this global disaster. Then I laid the cards down.

  1. Will Coronavirus be contained successfully at a global level with in the next 3 months?

                               *JUSTICE - 7 of WANDS - 10 of PENTACLES


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Justice is the energy of professionalism, clear-cut decisions and action. The goddess of Justice raises her sacred sword passing her holy judgement; her left hand is holding a scale, symbolising justice itself as well as fairness. This card is a great representation showing governments (authority->Goddess of Justice) around the worlds are taking whatever it has to stop the spread of the virus. The sword looks sharp, almost as cold as the ban to shut down the severely affected cities away from the world. It is emotionless, but it is logical and necessary. At the end of the day, it is a “fair” move. This card when appeared in a reading, it is also calling us to react in a professional way instead of being emotional and personal. So, seems we are on track so far.

                                    Image result for Robin Wood tarot 7 of wands

On the card of 7 of Wands, we see a man who is standing on a tall hill and being challenged by the opponents below. He seems to be defending this position and attacking in retaliation. This is a perfect picture sitting in the middle position of the card spread, as if we are holding firmly our weapon (hand sanitisers, disinfectant spray, or whatever kills virus!!!) to defend ourselves. The 7 of Wands is not simply about fighting, it signifies a struggle that we need to go through to maintain our position, even though it is challenging. It tells us the difficulties we face to continue to have success, and it is also the perfect time for governments to prove it to people that they are capable, decisive and they deserve to stand on top to play the role of authority. The card after 7 of Wands, however, will give us the result.

                                    Image result for Robin Wood tarot 10 of pentacles

When I see 10 of Pentacles, I smiled. This is a great card to have as the result of a situation. This is the energy of stability, long-lasting heritage as well as prosperity. Can you see the smiles and warmth on the old man’s face? It depicts a happy family photo, father, mother, grandparents and children with pets. This strikes me as family members being discharged from hospitals and finally reunite with their loved ones! Since pentacle falls under the earth element energy, it symbolises our physical stamina and body strength. With “10” golden shinny coins on the arch, we know soon we will find our balance back!

This is a big relief. I thank the Universe for guiding us. 

I re-shuffled the cards. Now, what about Hong Kong? What about its future? A lot of people worry that the problems are much deeper than a temporary virus spread. Will Hong Kong ever find its prosperity again?


2) Will Hong Kong economy recover well at a general level in the near future?

             *KNIGHT of WANDS- 8 of WANDS- WORLD- 2 of CUPS- STAR

Again, I smiled. What a beautiful spread to see. The first thing I noticed is that the travel industry in Hong Kong, specifically Cathay Pacific Airways, will welcome a good boost of energy. Knight of Wands, 8 of Wands as well as World are all travel themed cards. They symbolise travel, airlines and international expansion. Having the World card sitting in the middle, this also signify a breakthrough. World is a card of freedom and renewal. As the final major arcana in the 78 tarot deck, it represents the concept of “completion”. This is telling us that there will be a new chapter for Hong Kong, a movement from Knight of Wands+8 of Wands towards 2 of Cups and Stars. This makes perfect sense. Knight of Wands is fiery, and 8 of Wands symbolises speed. Hong Kong’s development as the financial centre of Asia happened lightening fast. Hong Kong was the fiery knight on horse, charging forward and leaving everyone else in Asia behind. The World card is a completion and transformation. It symbolises the recognition that Hong Kong has gained in the international community and we must acknowledge what we have achieved so far. The floral wreath on the World card comes in full circle, so has Hong Kong.


   Image result for Robin Wood tarot knight of wands    Image result for Robin Wood tarot 8 of wands    Image result for Robin Wood tarot world

2 of Cups and Stars are the future. 2 of Cups gives us a big hint about what we must do to bring in a better future. Do you see the man the woman gazing at each other with gentleness, holding their golden cups and each others hands, and the powerful magic happens with the winged lion in the sky? Are they in love? Is this a wedding? Or are they simply spending a great time together?                                      

         f:id:theKingdomHealer:20200311211415p:plain         Image result for Robin Wood stars

2 of Cups is about collaboration, agreement and diplomacy. In an economic recover question, this is calling Hong Kong to build a strong and successful business partnership. Please imagine a successful marriage. The husband and wife must have similar goals, mutual respect and understanding for each other. Do you see in the card that the man and woman have different racial background, and they wear contrastive color clothes? It tells us that Hong Kong needs to find its inner peace. Our goal over the next 1~1.5 years is to achieve harmony and balance overall despite the differences in us. This “partnership” could be internal, between people with opposing political viewpoints; between parents and their teenager children who have fallen out during the 2019 Hong Kong upheaval; it could also be external, and probably most importantly between Hong Kong and the international community, in particular its long term partner China. When the two powerful economies, as well as their peoples can finally raise their own golden cups and say “cheers!”  in an open, fair and logical way, we will see a beautiful future—-as the final card “the star” shows, the energy of faith, hope, healing and unlimited possibilities.


Letao~the Kingdom Healer



North Node in Leo (South Node in Aquarius)


People born with North Node in Leo (South Node in Aquarius) have birthday between: (Based on Hong Kong time zone)


11th Jun 1961 5:28AM ~ 23rd Dec 1962 12:44PM

7th Jan 1980 6:44AM ~ 24th Sep 1981 5:28PM

20th Oct 1998 2:17PM ~ 9th Apr 2000 9:34AM


Humans are by nature social animals. Since ancient times we have been living in a society where we are surrounded by people who help each other to build wonderful civilisation with teamwork. There is a very important concept in “group project” or “team effort”, which is about equal contribution and having a team spirit. Aquarius South Node people had a past life when they lived in a tribe, an equal community or a group, where everyone has a feeling of camaraderie. This team spirit enabled them to cooperate and work well with others and so they enjoyed achievement based on the ideology that “success comes from group effort, not individuals”. Even though this is true in many aspects, in this life time, Aquarius South Node people are learning lessons to embrace their Leo North Node, which is about their own unique individuality, creative impulses and leadership skills.


Having achieved many things within a group, Aquarius South Node people naturally are drawn to communities and groups. They care about friendships and want to be accepted by their community and friends circle. When you meet an Aquarius South Node person, you usually feel they are easy going, very much “going with the flow”. They usually are not loud or very outspoken. So the good thing is that they never give people the impression of arrogance. However, They are sometimes very obsessed with the opinions of their peers. Their thirst for acceptance by the group can be insatiable. I remember a client of mine with South Node in Aquarius who came to me for a career reading. In my experience, usually when people contemplate about career, they tend to look for promotion, honours and more monetary rewards. The focus is always “what can I get and can I get more?”. This specific client was very different. She wanted to make some changes in how she manages the team. She didn’t ask if her strategy would be successful, but was obsessed with if her team likes her and if they accept her. This is not a very common question from a senior management position. She wanted to input some new ways of doing things in the company but very scared of not being approved by the people work under her. With Leo in North Node, what they must learn is to bring out their own passion and creativity to push for success. Since they are constantly concerned if they are being fair with the group and if everyone is happy, they lose their true purpose subconsciously along the way. When people say “ You cannot make everyone happy.”, this is true to Aquarius North Node people. These folks, when interacting with the group, they are learning how to articulate their own desire and what they really want. It is very easy for them to be “neglected” when they are simply being “easy-going” all the time. The interesting thing is, when they really are taking the centre stage and expressing their true self and their individuality, they suddenly are supported, loved, and the right people will be drawn to them to give them the very sense of belonging that they desire.


In the old gym that I used to work out at, I met a girl who was sweet, nice and friendly. She is a very typical Aquarius South Node person. The interesting thing is that she was born in August and she has her North Node conjunct her solar sign Leo. In astrology, natal Sun conjunct North Node brings lot of confidence, honour and elevation in the society. I have met quite a few people having Sun conjunct North Node who are senior management in a company, or they are high profile figures in the society. This girl embraced her North Node in Leo very much. She was very into Olympic Lifting (and yes we are talking about really heavy stuff!), and she didn’t care about what other people say about this unique hobby of hers. She participated in many competitions and won many awards. She stood on the podium with all the other top athletes in the community and she was truly shinning. People encouraged her and loved her for who she is. This is the luck that Aquarius South Node people has: Once they embrace their gamesmanship mentality and go with it will their full passion to have fun in what they do, people will naturally accept them, support them and give them the very sense of "belonging" that they always look for. 

Another interesting thing about Aquarius South Node people is that there is always a sense of “I am not ready yet” when pursue what they want. Since Aquarius is an air sign, and air is the element of intellectual thinking and analysis, Aquarius South Node people tend to feel they always need to be more knowledgable or need more experience to take creative action. For example, if they are working in a stable job, but always think about running their own business, it could take years for them to pluck up that courage to execute it. The reason is not because they don’t want to run their own business, but they tend to take everything seriously and thus they keep thinking “I am not ready”, or “ I need to get more information”. Leo North Node people sometimes need to embrace the mentality of gamesmanship. They need to have the courage to try things by taking actions first. Even though it might be true that they don’t have all the resources they need, but in this incarnation they are allowed to take risks in life. The interesting part is, once they take creative action to manifest what they want, they will meet the right people and be in the right place and thus gain the important message or information that they thought they were lacking. It is a catch-22. Because they will never feel ready enough. They need to actively develop their personal will, instead of thinking “Maybe it will come someday if I just go with the flow”. As world renowned astrologer Jan Spiller said in her literature, “…To do this, they need to see themselves as players instead of observers.” When I see a such a client, I tend to tell them the famous story “Journey to the West”. The novel talks about the legendary pilgrimage of the Tang dynasty Buddhist monk Xuanzang who traveled to Central Asia and India, to obtain Buddhist sacred sūtras and returned after many trials and much suffering. You see, Xuanzang is simply an old monk who doesn't have money. He doesn’t even have a weapon to fight the monsters he encountered. He embarked on that journey because that is what he believed as his highest mission in life. Along his journey, he met the martial arts master Monkey King, the Pigsy and Sandy, as well as a dragon prince who acts as Xuanzang's white horse, all of whom assisted Xuanzang all the way until he achieved his goal. This is a unique luck that Aquarius South Node people have. But always remember, it will all happen if Aquarius South node people contribute their own time and effort first to break that rut. Once they are willing to be the roaring lion king (Leo) in their own life, everything comes naturally after.


Soul Mission for South Node in Aquarius; North node in Leo:


* Aknowldging passion and willpower to create its own future

*Avoid overattachment to group mentality and obsession with acceptance by others

*Cultivating gamesmanship mentality and courage to take creative action

* Avoid emotional aloofness and going with the flow too much


Letao~the Kingdom Healer



North Node in Aries (South Node in Libra)


 People born with North Node in Aries (South Node in Libra) have birthday between: (Based on Hong Kong time zone)


26th Jan 1949 7:56AM ~ 27th Jul 1950 5:54AM 

20th Aug 1967 2:40AM ~ 19th Apr 1969 3:00PM

6th Apr 1986 3:22AM ~ 6th May 1986 2:53AM

26th Dec 2004 3:48PM ~ 22nd Jun 2006 5:08PM


Many people like the zodiac Libra, because it is a signed ruled by Venus, Goddess of love, beauty and joy. Libra energy is very diplomatic, and relationships prone. I have met a lot of Ascendant in Libra people in real life. They are friendly, nice, sweet, and there is always some social grace in them. When you socialise with a Libra ascendant person, their smile and idiosyncrasy can be so charming that you might easily be drawn to them. At the end of the day, Libra is the sign symbolising the 7th House in Astrology, which is the House of Marriage and Partnerships. South Node in Libra people usually carry the similar quality from their past life, which gave them happiness and fulfilment in life. However, in this life time, they are living their life to master the opposite energy of Libra, which brings us to the North Node in Aries.

Libra South Node people usually have two different types of past life. The first type is that they mastered their sense of diplomacy, cooperation and justice in their past life career. They could have been a diplomat stationed in a foreign country and their top priority is to build collaborative relationships and avoid conflicts, or they could have been a judge/mediator serving in the supreme court to bring fairness and justice to people’s life. The second type is more domestic: they were the queen of the king, the wife of a powerful husband. They played their role as a “partner” to support their other half and their partner will take care of them in return. There is a very strong common theme in those two different past lives. They had to see things from other’s viewpoints a lot, and their own opinion or identity didn’t matter much. The goal was more focused on achieving mutual success and fairness, and subconsciously there is a loss of “self” in their past lives.

The symbol of Libra looks like a scale. One of the beautiful traits Libra South Node People have is that they know how to balance views on two opposite sides and balance them. They can easily put themselves in other’s shoes to look at an issue, and think “Would this be OK for them? How would they feel?”. We can say they are being very considerate, but this usually make them very indecisive. They look at the problem front and back, left and right, and battle with themselves with all possible issues, and they feel stuck. I have a client with South Node in Libra who has been working for a big corporate as a lawyer for over 10 years. He came to me to ask about the idea to become independent and start his own business. He had a brilliant business idea and some connections in the filed to support him as well. But the other voice is saying “Your current job is safe and stable. You don’t love it but it pays the bill!” I could literally see sparks in his eyes when he was talking about his ideas, but when we bring the idea to reality, he becomes nebulous, vague and fearful. He started to talk about what if his parents would oppose the idea, what if his wife would be supportive, and what if his boss would easily let him resign etc. None of the “NO”s are about him, its all about other people’s opinions.

In this incarnation, these folks must learn how to trust their initial guts feeing and go with what they truly want. Single-mindedness is very important. Aries is a cardinal fire sign, it teaches us to learn how to be courages, direct and proactive. Fire is the element of passion. When Libra South Node people actually execute something based on their true desire from heart, they are embracing their Aries North Node, and somehow things will move forward in their favour, especially if the other choice they had was there more for other people’s sake or happiness. In order to achieve this, they also have to learn how to care less about what other people think and how other people see them. They must be sure about who they are and what they live for to make the right choice. This will help them be less distracted from their goal and make the process more straightforward and smooth.

Since Aries is the first sign in the 12 zodiac signs, it is the sign of “self”. If Libra’s key word is “we”, then Aries is “I”. Aries North Node people are living this life time to learn about self-awareness. I have seen many Libra South Node clients experiencing relationship problems. When we look closer into the reason why they fail in relationships, there is usually a sense of “unfairness” in there. For example, a female client of mine from India is in her 50s. She married her husband in her early 20s by arranged marriage. Her husband’s career is very successful, and so she never worked and had a career herself. He husband has had many affairs outside the marriage. My client was always upset but since she didn't have any power in the relationships, she had to be silent and put up with anything her husband did. Every time we have a counselling session, she would say “ It is so unfair to me”, “ I sacrificed my life for him and the kids” etc. It is unarguable that she did make a lot of sacrifice, and this is usually the life lesson Libra South Node people must learn in this life time. They make tremendous sacrifices for the husband, the wife, the partner because they expect that their happiness is a by-product of a perfect relationship. This subconscious expectation is wrong in two ways: 1. Seeing themselves through a relationship makes them lose their own identity. The client I mentioned earlier is very much so. She knew herself as some successful businessman’s wife, but she never in her life shaped her own identity as an individual woman; 2. When they keep sacrificing their own identity, they subconsciously become reliant on the feedback/reciprocity from their partner as the base of their happiness. They are no longer in control of their own happiness. This brings us to the last trap of South Node in Libra people might fall into: their obsession with fairness.

Deep down, Libra South Node people want absolute justice. In a relationship, if they give 1%, they subconsciously need to be reciprocated 1%. In a way, there is noting wrong because we all want that from time to time. But more often than not, they sacrifice their happiness and needs without the consent of other people, but they still expect something in return. For example, I have a client in Hong Kong who always thinks for her friends when she travels. She would actually sacrifice her half day time to go souvenir shopping and bring back gifts from overseas to give her friends in Hong Kong. But when her friends go on a trip without buying her anything or calling her, she gets upsets and feels “unfair”.  When one of her friends heard her complaint, he said, “ I appreciated your souvenir. But I never asked you to buy anything for me, and you shouldn’t have spent half day to shop souvenirs for us because it was your own holiday. I don’t know why you are upset when I didn’t get anything for you.” As Astrologer Jan Spiller mentioned in her “Astrology for the Soul”,

…their (Libra South Node people) definition of fair has a lot to do with the fact that they sacrifice their needs and desires for others—- they constantly violate the boundaries of how much they can give without loss to self. Then, in so called fairness, they expect others to do the same. These natives are learning to stop violating their own natural limits and to not entice others to go beyond their boundaries.

When Libra South Node people feel unfair, it makes them resentful towards others and also ignites regrets and self-loath within themselves. It is very unhealthy. When I asked my client why she would spent so much time (sacrifice) to shop souvenir for her friends, it turned out that she wanted her friends to like her and appreciate her. So again this brings us back to our previous point: these folks keep seeing themselves through others eyes, and their lack of their own identity and self confidence made them reliant on “partnerships” or how others treat them.

Aries North Node people can be true entrepreneurs in business. Even if they are not interested in building their own company, they can usually find fulfilment and happiness being “themselves”. In this life time, they are encouraged to be independent, self-serving and enjoy their own freedom to pursue what they vision for themselves. For example, when Aries North Node is located in the 1st House, the native is encouraged to live their life direct, be courages and do physical exercise to strength their body and soul; when the Aries North Node is in the 10th House, they need to have the courage to bring their passion into their career to breakthrough. Since Aries is ruled by God of War Mars, Aries North Node in 10th House people usually excel in careers to do with the military, sports or fitness. Aries North Node people are encouraged to find their intuitive self and trust their impulses that come to them, even at times it might even sound a bit too “selfish” and arbitrary.


Soul Mission for South Node in Libra; North node in Aries:


* Develop a strong identity through following its own passion and beliefs

*Avoid violating self-limit to sacrifice itself to please others and look for “fairness”

*Build self confidence as an individual

*Trusting one’s intuition instead of struggling with logics

*Courage and physical exercise


Letao~the Kingdom Healer




North Node in Sagittarius (South Node in Gemini)


 People born with North Node in Sagittarius (South Node in Gemini) have birthday between: (Based on Hong Kong time zone)


3rd Apr 1955 7:03AM ~ 4th Oct 1956 5:42PM

27th Oct 1973 9:15AM ~10th Jul 1975 9:25AM

2nd Aug 1992 4:43AM ~ 1st Feb 1994 3:20PM

3rd Mar 2011 8:01PM ~ 30th Aug 2012 11:05AM


I have met a lot of clients born in the late 1992 and in 1993 in the recent years, who happen to have their South Node in Gemini. Gemini is a mutable air sign. It is social, talkative, and whimsical. One of the most important traits Gemini has is its curiosity and thirst for information. I have a good friend who has Sun and Mercury in Gemini. He is chatty, curious about new things and is always the first one knowing where a new restaurant opened in town, or which western band is touring in HK. Gemini South People has the similar traits. They don’t assume they already know everything (unlike South Node in Sagittarius, like we talked about in the previous chapter), in fact, they always feel they don’t know enough, and thus their everyday interaction becomes a process of collecting information. These folks had a previous life being a merchant (Mercury rules Gemini in Astrology, and Mercury is the God of merchants in Greek Mythology). As we can imagine, being a salesperson, one of the first things we learn is KYC—-Know Your Customer. We ask questions, look for cues from a target customer to understand what they want and need, so that we can adjust our own speech to say the right thing and meet the customers’ expectations. In fact, in business we always say the key to success is “Knowing the Enemy and Knowing Oneself”. Gemini South Node people depended on this skill to survive in their past life. However, since North Node signifies our undeveloped potential and what our current life needs us to learn, usually this habit of constant guessing and surmising what others want does not work very well for Gemini South Node people in this life time. The universe requires these folks in this life time to understand, learn and master the quality of Sagittarius.

 Deep down, Gemini South Node people have a lot of mental insecurity. They want to connect with people and be accepted, but they usually lack some self-confidence in asserting their own truth, so they tend to find all different ways to communicate based on what they assume others are thinking or what others expect of them. For example, I remember years ago I went to a friends gathering. There were 5 of us having a conversation.  During the conversation, one of the girls sounded very agreeable. At the beginning I thought she was very nice. However when I got to know her more, I somehow felt everything I say and express would be agreed by her. She would say “oh yeah me too” or “ ah yeah I like it too”. If a group of us were talking about fitness, she would also say she likes fitness and tries to work out, but somewhere you know she is not really into it. It almost sounded as if she was trying hard for acceptance from others. Of course, not all Gemini South Node people would behave like this, but she is a very typical example of the South Node in Gemini energy. Theses folks are constantly look for mental security so they guess back and forth what other people want to hear, and they change their way of speech to adapt. This could potentially leads to failure in two ways: 1. People will realise that they lack “core” or as Astrologer Jan Spiller pointed out, they don’t know about their own “truth” in life, and thus people would see them just as a “salesman”; 2. When they constantly adjust their speech to look for acceptance, often subconsciously they have to lie, and this leads to the 2nd trap South Node in Gemini people might tumble in.

Lying is never a good habit, but it is particularly detrimental for Gemini South Node people. The reason is that they have a tendency to be overwhelmed by information overload. When they lie, they have to remember each lie they tell, and in order not to be found out, they have to keep lying again and again. Slowly, one simple lie becomes a jungle of complicated details that they have to memorise. This usually makes Gemini South Node people very nervous and even more mentally insecure. For example, we still use the girl I met at the gathering as an example. She is not really into fitness and workout, but she said she was. Then people might ask her “so what kind of workout do you usually do?”, or “ where do you work out?” Since she doesn’t workout, now she has to lie again to backup the previous lie. The dangerous thing is that they start to think simultaneously, “what should I say next to sound legit, but also will not trigger more complicated questions so that I don’t have to lie about that?”. All this mental activities exhaust Gemini South Node people, and when eventually people do find out the truth, the very purpose, which is to connect and be accepted, destroys itself.

Learning how to be true to oneself and trust their own intuition and guts feeling is a life time lesson for Gemini South Node people. Sagittarius is the sign of higher philosophy, truth and adventure. North Node in Sagittarius brings a lot of blessing for these folks in the area of higher education (Master degrees, PhD.), foreign travel and the perpetual journey for the truth in them. There is some commonality among those things, that is there is some “truth” in them. A Ph.D is awarded to students who complete an original thesis offering a significant new discovery and contribution to knowledge in their subject; and a pilgrimage is a sacred journey to search for truth from God. These folks overused their logical thinking and even mental manipulation in their past life, and in this life time, they are learning to use more intuition and their ability to connect with their higher self. When these folks are focused on discovering and holding on to what they spiritually believe in, they feel calm, self assured and people notice that there is a strong backbone in them.

Several month ago I had a client who was very stressed by her work environment. It was political, filled with competitive and toxic people. There was also a lot of back stabbing in the company. My client got so distressed by the vast amount of gossips and information around her that she lost sleep often. When I asked her if she wanted to quit, she said no because she still loved her job, it was the problem of the people and the environment around her. One day, she got an opportunity to go to Italy for corporate training for 3 weeks. It was a foreign land to her, everything was new and refreshing. When she came back, she said she was never this happy in the past several years. One of the most important reasons why foreign countries are usually good for these folks is because people in a foreign land speak a different language. For Sagittarius North Node people, simplicity is a cure for them. They don’t have to read between the lines, and they don’t have to be tangled by the complicated gossips around. They can simply enjoy the beautiful scenery and stop worrying about their mental insecurity. Having some religious or spiritual belief is also important to them. Because they can find a solid ground to stand on and follow the rules (specifically religion) and listen to God. Basically, Sagittarius North Node people must find their own value and truth, being it a religion or simply a life style they commit to. We will still use the girl I met at the gathering again as an example. You see, it would be much more authentic for her to say “I am not into working out”. Then people will ask her what she truly likes. When Sagittarius Node people can be truthful about who they are, they automatically draw the right people to them, and they will gain the support and love from the public, thus they become mentally secure and self assured.

The last thing I would like to point out is that sometimes Gemini South Node people need to stay away from excessive social media. Since mid 2019, HK has been going through a political upheaval and people are very divided in their opinions and supports. On Facebook, twitter or other social media, mixed information are flooding. One video is uploaded pro government, then another video shot at the same place was uploaded but by someone else, then it suddenly becomes pro-democracy…People are attacking and accusing each other for their different political viewpoints. Gemini South Node when faced with split opinions and a 2 way situations, they usually get confused and cannot focus well on the right thing. They tend to get swayed left and right by the inundating information until they are so baffled and exhausted. Remember the image of Gemini, it is a picture of twins. Making a clear choice is usually not a strong trait they have. So when being flooded in the social media, they easily become lost and forget about what their intuition tells them. However, Sagittarius Node Node people always finds truth and the right answer for themselves when they have a “hermit” moment, then they can hear their inner promptings, they can feel intuitively, and they suddenly see the bigger picture instead of the convoluted details of everyone else’ opinions. There is a feeling of release. Because they finally find themselves.


Letao~the Kingdom Healer



North Node in Virgo (South Node in Pisces)


People born with North Node in Virgo (South Node in Pisces ) have birthday between: (Based on Hong Kong time zone)


16th Dec 1959 1:37AM ~ 11 Jun 1961 5:27AM

5th Jul 1978 6:39PM ~ 6th Jan 1980 1:17AM

7th Jan 1980 7:32AM ~ 13th Jan 1980 3:11AM

25th Jan 1997 8:44AM~20th Oct 1998 2:16PM

12th Nov 2015 9:04AM~ 10th May 2017 2:27AM


I still remember many years ago, I noticed that a lot of friends of mine happen to have been born in late 1978 and 1979. I never really understood the reason but I noticed that those people are very easy to get along with. They are compassionate, sensitive and there is something very gentle in their soul. When I pull out their astrology natal charts, I noticed that they all share the same South Node in Pisces and North Node in Virgo.

Pisces is a mutable water sign. It is ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams. Pisces energy is extremely sensitive. Usually people who have their South Node in Pisces have two types of possible past lives. The first type is dreamers. They were painters, artists or musicians. They dedicated their lives to what they loved and let themselves be lost in their fantasised world. Their freewheeling imagination cultivated their artistic sense that brought them tremendous creativity which took them through life. The other type of Pisces past life people are more on the down side. They spent their lives in prison, refugee camps or a religious institution like a hermit on a remote island, or a monk deep in the mountains. They spent much time being alone, voluntarily or not, repenting their sins (or mistakes) and praying to God for forgiveness and protection. The commonality between these two life styles of Pisces South Node lies in that they did not participate much in the daily activity of a normal society. The first type hid themselves from the society to be submerged in their artistic fantasy; and the second type surrendered their own control of life to be confined in an isolated institution. Thus there is always some traits of lonliness in those folks. This means that they came to this life time without fully understanding the energy of Virgo (being analytical, healthily discriminating and practical). The most common theme in them is that they tend to have damaged ego and tend to run away from challenges in practical life.

Pisces South Node people are so sensitive that they understand how much pain and suffering there are in the world, and thus they are very compassionate towards other people’s difficult situations, especially towards the loved one. This is a beautiful trait they have brought from their past life. However, this could go wrong in two different ways for Pisces South Node people if they don’t balance this well. First, being blindly compassionate for people without being healthily discriminating could lead them to the trap of being taken advantage of by dishonest people who would abuse them. They fall in love with someone, and then they give and inch and give a mile until they themselves become a victim in their own relationships; secondly, when they become so sympathetic towards others and so in tune with other people's suffering, they subconsciously feel it is OK/normal for themselves to suffer in love and thus stop doing their best to be a winner in life or in relationships---they withdraw, feel damaged and lose themselves.

A while ago I had a female client who came to me for consultation regarding her love life. She was a victim in her own life, being tricked by a man who only met her 2 months ago and who told her he loved her and wanted her to move to his town. She gave up her great job, saying goodbye to all her friends and families in order to be with the man. When she finally moved in with the man, he made a 180 degrees turn in his attitude. He started to become cold and nonchalant. She felt lonely without her husband’s love, and even more importantly, she was alone without any friends and families nearby. When I asked her, “how could you make such drastic life change for a man whom you know only for two months?” She was baffled by my question. On one side, yes she wanted love, but more importantly the man was enticing her by playing a victim himself, telling her how he suffered in his childhood and his previous relationships. My client suddenly felt they shared a lot of similar painful history and she felt a strong bond and the need to be there for the man.

Her action could sound very illogical to most people. Pisces South Node people tend to be overly sympathetic, and thus it makes them overly trusting and gullible. So in this life time, they must learn how to find their balance. How? The most important thing is for them to actively participate in life, build confidence and so that they become more self-aware and no longer is a victim in life themselves.

Memories of a consultation with a male client back in 2016 was indelible. This man had South Node in Pisces. Since after graduating university, he changed jobs 8 times (in total 9 jobs) in 7 years. He never was able to stay in a company long enough to get the right experience he needed. Luckily he has a powerful mother who knows a lot of people in business. So 5 out of the 9 jobs he had were referred by his own mother’s connections. But he again and again quit due to challenges that he was terrified by. When he quit his most recent job, he totally gave up and stayed at home for 3 months without doing anything. Things got even worse: He developed depression. When he came to me for the 2nd consultation, he was panicked totally and wanted rescue.

The reason why Pisces South Node people hate challenges is because they have fear, and the reason why they have fear is because they lack experience due to their isolated past life. Whichever life pattern they had in their previous life, they didn’t participate in daily activities enough, they were not being productive enough to build a strong and secure financial life. So now when they are facing all the practical problems that awaiting them to solve, they panic and run away. The problem is that when they withdraw, they never get to build the right experience they need, so they never overcome that fear, and so they resort to escape. This eventually becomes a vicious circle for them.

This does not apply to all Pisces South Node people, but they do need to be careful with any type of addiction. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, which is the planet of illusions and medicine. In fact one of the archetypes of Neptune pointed out by famous astrologer Liz Greene ( is Dionysus, the God of wine, pleasure, madness and wild frenzy. Especially when Neptune forms a square with Venus, Sun or Moon in a natal chart, the native usually has some struggle with addiction. This also resonates with the artist past life type of Pisces South Node. Some of the most famous artists are in fact alcoholics. They tend to become intoxicated in order to find their artistic inspirations. I have seen a lot of Pisces South Node clients who are easily addicted to some kind of bad habit. It could be alcohol, drugs, sex, or anything that could debilitate their logical thinking when consume excessively. Usually the addiction would start with their simple wish to escape from their emotional pain (remember they are usually more sensitive to feelings). When they fail in reality due to lack of experience and confidence, they tend to withdraw from their productive side and resort to some addiction in order to find comfort. However when they become severely addicted, it actually hinders their participation to a productive life style. So again this would become a vicious circle for them. For doctors and social workers who deal with clients born with South Node in Pisces, I highly recommend that they be aware of such tendency of their clients.

When Pisces South Node people are creating a healthy life style (Virgo rules general health in Astrology), become disciplined and follow their productive daily routine, they usually get fulfilled and happy. This is really the cure for them. The Virgo North Node would require them to pull themselves back to the reality and actually resolve things little by little. Even if they only achieve 1%, they will gain that 1% confidence, which will propel them to the next little step. Then slowly they feel more secure and powerful. For example, a South Node in Pisces college student could be facing two choices: either he could go to a drunken party with his friends and get sozzled, and have hangover the next day and wouldn't be able to work on his important project; or he could stick to his health routine, sleep on time, wake up early next day, go for a refreshing jog in the morning and finish his assignment. This choice is not simply about whether he can finish his assignment on time or not. For South Node in Pisces people, choice like this is about how they can stay away from anything that jeopardise their productivity. Thus they become more in control of their own destiny to bring forth what they always wish for—be it health, success or simply just their self-love.

The last quality that will give Virgo North Node people happiness is about providing a useful service, since Virgo is the sign of service. This service could be anything that is practical, useful, brings convenience or fulfil a need for the community or society. The reason is because, like we mentioned earlier, Pisces South Node past life isolated these folks and they didn’t have an opportunity to serve people and find their self-value.  In this life time, when they provide a good service that people need, they find meaning in life and know they are not just “drifting” in life without a purpose. Then they feel secure and self-assured. Virgo, at the end of the day, is an earth sign, so Virgo North Node people must roll up their sleeves and take care of their life in a very earthy and practical manner.


Soul Mission for South Node in Pisces; North node in Virgo:

*Building self confidence through participating in life and gaining experience

*Learning to be more discriminating in building healthy relationships

*Be aware of the tendency of escape from challenges and feel they are a victim in life

*Stay away from anything (especially addiction) that could jeopardise their healthy daily routine

* Take charge of one’s own destiny, no giving up too easily.


Letao~the Kingdom Healer


Natal North Node in Scorpio (South Node in Taurus)


People born with North Node in Scorpio (South Node in Taurus) have birthday between: (Based on Hong Kong time zone)


4th Oct 1956 5:43PM ~ 16 Jun 1958 8:18PM

10th Jul 1975 9:26AM ~ 8th Jan 1977 1:44AM

1st Feb 1994 3:21PM ~ 31st Jul 1995 7:43PM

30th Aug 2012 11:06AM ~ 18th Feb 2014 10:50PM


One of the most beautiful traits that Taurus has is its consistency and down to earth nature. Practical and well-grounded, Taurus south node people can be very patient with their goals and they can be very hard working in order to harvest their fruits of labor in life. Materialistic stability and gain is important. Since our own body also belongs to the physical realm, Taurus south node people love comfort. In the best way, Taurus south node people can be very sensual and they could be the best sommelier and gourmet. Stable and conservative, they are extremely protective of what they have earned in life, and they will never stop guarding their harvest.

Since stability and what they “own” now is so important, Taurus south node must be aware of their tendency of stubbornness and possessiveness. They somehow want to own everything to feel happy. For example, they might have a dream of owning their own house, and they can work days and night for many years patiently to reach that goal. This is very respectable, however they sometimes focus a lot on the “ownership” as a symbol of their happiness.I have a good friend who has South Node in Taurus. He lived in his old crappy apartment for many years. There has been problems with the pipe, power and many transportation inconveniences. Many people tried to convince him to move into the city but he didn’t want to, and the reason was very simple: “ I cannot afford to buy an apartment in the city, so if I move I will have to rent. But I don’t want to rent.” He kept delaying the joy of living in a better place. 2 years passed and he still was staying in his remote old apartment and he is still complaining.

I also have a client with Taurus South Node who was fluent in Spanish. He has been living in Sydney Australia for years, and his dream is to move to Spain and live his life fully. He used to talk about how much he loved Spain, the culture, the food, the people, and the climate…Every time he spoke about Spain, you can see light coming from his eyes. One year passed, two years passed, but he never made the move. When he came to me for the consultation, he told me he felt stuck and unhappy. I asked him, “ You are single, no families and no children, and you are fluent in speaking Spanish, it would be so much easier for you to move to Spain than many others. What has stopped you from doing so?” He looked at me and turned speechless. At the end he said, “ I don’t know. I just feel I have lived in Sydney all these years, and I have friends and everything here. I cannot make that decision to go.”

South Node in Taurus people have North Node in Scorpio. As you might know already, Scorpio is the sign of transformation and regeneration. Scorpio North Node requires the native at certain times in their lives to know how to let go of what they have achieved in the past and what they already know/own, and to be courageous to hop into the future chapter. Another client of mine actually achieved this. He used in live in Sydney as well, and also has South Node in Taurus. After years living in Sydney and failed to find love, he became very hopeless and thought he would never find his soulmate. On a business trip overseas, he met his current partner in Singapore. They met, fell in love, but the distant was a problem. My client at that time was very unhappy with his job and he wanted to resign; his current partner has a great business in Singapore and wanted him to move to Singapore to build a life together. When my client finally made the decision to let go of everything in Sydney and moved to Singapore after lots of hesitation, he finally found his happiness.

This story does not mean that we just sacrifice everything in our own life and adapt ourselves into our lover’s life. But Scorpio Node Node people usually experience opportunities in life where they have a hunch about the need to leave something old behind. This could be about feeling unfulfilled in a city they grew up in, a job they have served for many years, or an old environment where they feel no long inspired by. The problem is that hey are very attached to what they have built in the past so they keep delaying making the change. Sometimes the universe will give them a great incentive to push them to make the decision for new growth. For example, in the case of this client who eventually moved to Singapore, the Universe gave him a life partner overseas when he felt stuck in Sydney. Sometimes this could also be manifested in a work situation, where you are scouted by a new company, but might feel hard to leave the old job that you are so used to, especially if you have worked there for years. North Node always offers growth and development, and Scorpio is that spark of opportunity that offers us change and new horizons. Try to be open minded, and avoid over attachment to the current status quo.

Another important positive energy of Scorpio is “energy merging” and “mutual empowerment”; If Taurus is our own value, then Scorpio is about shared value; if Taurus is our own possession, then Scorpio is our mutual possession. Scorpio needs us to remove the boundaries with others, encourages us to merge and be one with others. This also explains why this zodiac sign is particularly associated with sex. When we are having sex with someone, we exchange our energies and become one. North Node in Scorpio requires the native to learn to be open to their spouse, their best friend, or their important business partner. This includes they need to be less stubborn and opinionated, but become more receptive to other’s contribution to them. This is not to say that they must take everything other people say to them, but they need to learn how to be more aware of the constructive ideas from the people they know who love them. Scorpio North Node people have a lot of luck meeting people who truly want to collaborate and help them, and they must recognise those people to grab the opportunities they are offered. For example, North Node in Scorpio conjunct Venus people will attract loves who can help them achieve successful transformation; and North Node in Scorpio conjunct Sun people usually have a strong and helpful father figure who would support them in their success.

The last example I would like to elaborate is a public figure everyone knows (at least in Hong Kong). Carrie Lam is the current chief executive in Hong Kong. She was born with South Node in Taurus. The over 6 months social unrest in 2019 was simply due to her impulsive decision about an extradition bill. 2 months into the big protests, she still wouldn’t withdraw the bill. Whether the bill itself was right or wrong is not our concern here, but what we do see is her stubbornness in not willing to hear and be open to the general public's voice. As Jan Spiller mentioned in her book “Astrology for the Soul”, “To some extent, Scorpio North Node people have an innate resistance to other people being ‘right’, which works to their detriment. Without realising it, they can turn away those who are seeking to add to their energy and resources.” This angered the Hong Kong public so much and thus later led to a more violent situation in Hong Kong. This is a great lesson for Taurus South Node people. They need to understand that sometimes by accepting help, contribution and different ideas is a blessing in disguise. On the surface they are “compromising” their way of thinking, but deep down they are going to achieve something they would never be able to achieve by themselves.


Letao~the Kingdom Healer