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The Astrology of second Half 2022

2022 horoscope: What your zodiac sign can expect

The Fall Equinox

The astrological sign of fall equinox is on the first day of Libra, which we are approaching and expericing over the next few months. The fall equinox occurs on the 23rd day of September and the start date for this particular astrological sign can be found at 1:11pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). This is a representation of autumn, the time when we harvest what we have worked for, just like farmers who take advatage of this time to enjoy the result of their hard labor in the first half of 2022. This doesn't necessarily mean you are done with everything; on the contrary, the harvest might also be a good time to review and re-value the way you have been doing things and then revise, improve and optimize them. 

What to look forward to in second half 2022

The second half of 2022 will be a time of change, growth and discovery.

The first half saw many conflicts in the world: Russia's invasion of Ukrain; the bushfires that engulfed the entire southern Europe; as well as the increasing tension between US and China, specifially over the contentious Taiwan issue. All these events were seen as major turning points for their respective countries. In addition to this we also saw some other significant changes within our own lives such as relationships ending or beginning again after being broken down by misunderstandings or lacklustre communication skills; new jobs opening up at work which may require us to move locations; new opportunities presenting themselves through networking groups or social media platforms (although it's always important not to overdo things). These are just some examples from a long list but each one can be viewed as an opportunity for personal development if handled appropriately!

Remember that during the second half of 2022, we are seeing the final Uranus and Saturn square, particularly around late September and October---the clash between the conservative and the libral, the traditional and the revolutionary, as well as theimmediate needs and the bigger picture. Overall, at an individual level, what exactly do we need to be aware of? There are three keywords for all of us. 

1. Patience (Uranus/Saturn square)

What can I stress more? This is not something that many people are good at. At the end of the day, I realized patience is not about sitting at home and twisting our thumbs to wait for the moement to be "rescued", but it is a period of time of us to re-discover our creative force, and utilize it to enrich our exising circumstances. 

2. Self-value and boundary (North Node transits Taurus)

We might think compromising and letting others step on us might make them like us; but it is quite the opposite. The North Node transit in Taurus is about your own value and your own worth. What makes you valuable to other people? It is your own standard and the bar you have set for yourself, not lowering it to please everyone. Focusing on ourselves, respecting others, and find the balance between what we want and what others want. 

3. Courage and Action (Jupiter transits Aries)

Jupiter transits Aries together with Mars in Gemini for the next 6 months, oh boy! Needless to say, it is all about action, communication, and courage to convey your thoughts and ideas! To reach your goal, don't hesitate to ask, tell and engate. It will be much better if you can pluck up your courage to make that first move. Our universe will take care of the rest. 


I hope that this article was helpful in preparing you for the second half of 2022. Go to if you want to schedule your personal reading and find ot more about what the rest of 2022 is for you to manifest!

Why has 2021 been a challenging year, and what can we expect next?



In the blink of an eye, we are already in mid August 2021. The first eight months have not been easy for humanity as a whole, filled with natural disastors and human conflicts. Though Covid-19 started in 2020, the most deadly Delta variant started in 2021 and has wreaked havoc across the world. Before we start to explain how the planetary energy is working forward, let's do a quick summary for the past 8 months. 

January: Rioters broke into and desercrated White House for the first time in US history. 

February: Myanmar milary Coup-d'etat and the killing of civilians.

March: Evergreen got stuck near the Egyptian city of Suez.

April: Violence in Myanmar continues, Violence in Jerusalem, Taiwan Hualian train crash

May:  Belarus protests, Chinese factory fire explosion

June: Hungary protests

July, August: extensive fire in Southern Europe and Turkey; while North Europe and China were flooding.

Some times we could always blame the nature for causing us trouble. One of the biggest challenging aspect between planets in 2021 is the major square of Uranus and Saturn. Uranus is the awakener, the rebellious but also the innovative energy. Uranus does not follow traditions and the norms, it wants equality, democracy and inclusive way of dealing with things and people. While Saturn is the old father, the doctorine, the one that wants things to remain as they are. The square (90° between them) is a challenging aspect, which is bound to produce tension between the involved planets' energies. But a little tension can be helpful sometimes. This aspect illuminates a stressful situation that can be resolved with compromise and adjustment. We can trace back to 1988, 2001 and 2008, when Uranus and Saturn had close contact in the recent past. In 1988 the Soviet Union collapsed, in 2001 the twin tower in NY collapsed, and in 2008 and great recession came and the financial system collapsed. Uranus and Saturn contact is surely difficult, but it is also an awakening and revolutionary call to us to change and adjust our current systematic approach. A hundred years ago, democracy was the answer for development and prosperity, while in 2021 after China's 40 years of economic reforms, during a phone call between Xi Jinping and Joe Biden, Xi told Biden that democracy cannot keep up with autocracy. Suddenly when we are all beliving in democracy without a doubt starts to think, how has an autocracy country dictated by a single party achieved great success economically? Saturn/Uranus square taps on our shoulder and needs us to review and re-examine our approach so far. 

The past 8 months is filled with protests around the world, where people demand changes and justice. Uranus is young and Saturn is old; Uranus is globalization and democracy while Saturn is nationalsim and authoritarianism. Uranus is solar/wind and other new power resources, while Saturn is the old coal, gas and oil resources. This is the year when people are trying to achieve new ways to revoluntionize things while we are also seeing the opposing forces stopping us from doing so. While scientists are trying to get everyone to understand Covid-19 and vaccinated, the opposing force says Covid is a lie and vaccination is a scam. What are we learning from all the confrontations and failures so far? Until some governments and more people become more willing to open their mind, we might have more lessons to learn. 

In Sepember and October, Saturn will be in retrograde and temporarily stay away from Uranus' in Taurus for a while, but the entire December Saturn and Uranus will form its last square over Christmas 2021 at 11° Aquarius and Taurus respectively. We are expecting some more major happenings in the year end. How we can survive and even come out of it like a pheonix really depends on if we have learnt our lessons by then. 

On an individual level, Since the square happens in fixed signs Aquarius and Taurus, for all fixed signed Sun/Moon/Mercury/Mars people, this is especially a challenging time. If you know you are a Scorpio, Leo, Taurus and Aquarius, the year 2021 is all about facing reality, learning, understanding, surrending and moving on. Do more meditation and connect yourself to your higher consciouness will help the process. Avoid stubbornness and dillusional behaviors. 

On December 29th 2021, Jupiter will finally move into Pisces, which is its own rulership. This transit will bring all the healing, compassion, empathy and benevolence back to the world. Especiall around April, Jupiter is coming to contact with Neptune, both in Pisces and both have rulerships of Pisces. This is a divine time to set intentions and connect with the cosmic force to manifest dreams. On 27th April, Moon and Venus will also join Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, sextile Mercury and the North Node. This is going to a magical day. Do some prayers and go to the ocean, the symbol of pisces. You might hear some divine guidance through the ocean. 



The healing is coming to the world and you.


Letao~the Kingdom Healer




January 2021, Uranus Square Saturn Divine Message



At the very beginning of 2021, there is a once in a life time starry alignment: Uranus conjunct Mars, square Saturn conjunct Jupiter in the night sky. This alignment is so significant that we cannot help feeling the frictions and disharmony just having entered 2021. Saturn square Uranus is a form of universal wakeup call to humanity in one way or another. 

First of all, what is Saturn and Uranus; and how do we understand them square each other?

Saturn as a planet takes 28~29 years to orbit the Sun once. It rules our human tradition, or the way we were taught and brought up in the world.It is associated with restriction and limitation, but depending on the way we utilise its energy, it also brings structure, stability and meaning to our lives. It reminds us of our necessary boundaries, responsibilities and commitments. Saturn sometimes is associated with a father or authority figure (a government, a boss etc). Saturns in its most positive form helps us to grow wiser through lessons, more often harsh than an easy short cut.  

In astrology, Uranus is the planet associated with innovation, and revolution, governing everything from modernisation o earthquakes. Uranian energy is volatile, shocking, and electric, so whenever this powerful planet gets activated, it’s a sign that things will get shaken up. Even when the planet was discovered in 1782, it was during the industrial revolution in the UK. Human society was leaving the old era of manual labor and stepping into the time of machinery and capitalism.

Due to the nature of the two planet’s orbits, they form a critical angle in the sky (conjunction 0, square 90 degrees  and opposition 180 degrees) once every 10~12 years.



Square aspect between 2 planets @anniesastrology

In 2021 January (yes, now!), Saturns is coming to a tight square with Uranus again in the sky. The main theme of this square is shown by the conflict of the two planets, since from their nature they already represents very opposite energy in the world: tradition versus innovation; regulations versus freedom; structures versus creative chaos. If a person is born with a natal configuration with Saturn square Uranus, the personal identity could be focused within strictly defined parameters, with self-imposed limitations on freedom of choice and action; they could self censor their original thoughts, rebellious emotions and physical acts subliminally. The person might often find the need for change deeply disturbing and have an intuitive fear that if they allow that process to occur, there is judgement and antagonisation. For most of us, who don’t have this configuration when born, but the once 10~11 years friction between the two stars in the sky still tends to create some struggles in humanity as a whole. 

Last time Saturn and Uranus having a crucial aspect was when they are in opposition in 2009.The global financial crisis was a period of extreme stress in global financial markets and banking systems around that time. Around 10 years before that, it was last time the two planets were in square, we witnessed the controversial US presidential election between George W Bush and Al Gore in 2000, which was eventually resolved by the supreme court; back track another 11 years, we saw the falling of Soviet Union and the political upheaval happening in Tiananmen Square…You see, Uranus square Saturn is the revolutionary energy when things must change and be challenged.

Since 2018, Uranus has moved into Taurus, the stubborn zodiac sign of earth and will not completely leave until 2025. Taurus is the sign of earth, as well as money and value. This disruptive Uranus energy could manifest itself in how humanity deal with food (which comes from the earth), finance as well as our mother nature. We have already seen the coronavirus attacking the global community due to the way we handled wild animals (wild nature); the trade war between powerful economies such as US, China and Australia (finance); the Indian farmers' ongoing protest against the three farm acts which were passed by the Parliament of India this year as well as the disastrous locust plague overwhelming North Africa, Middle East as well as the Indian peninsula (nature and agriculture). 

Saturn in Aquarius coming to a square to Uranus in Taurus is a wakeup alarm to us. It works as a trigger in the sky, fundamentally telling us that unless we all collectively make changes in the old ways we used to deal with mother nature, there is a big price to pay. The chaos in the areas ruled by Taurus has always been there, but the coming of Saturn teaches a harsh lesson and brings new innovations (Aquarius). We can expect massive changes involving finance, consumption, and the environment to continue through 2026, which could through temporary chaos and uncertainties bring a new era. For example, we are already seeing one of the most financially conservative government China is moving closely to launch its digital currency Yuan. This is going to be the first sovereignty digital currency in the world. On a larger scale, financial sectors and environmental sectors will experience rapid transformation throughout 2021.

So what at a personal level do you and I need to prepare for this shaky period of time? Is there more lockdowns, restrictions and loneness? Unless we collectively have acknowledged the issues at hand globally, and more importantly become ready to learn, the Universe does not seem to want to get loose on us. If you work in those field, be progressive and also learn from our past traditional experience. If you are trying get your relationship going, be patient with the progress and wait for the chaos to die down before any irrational decisions. No stubborn attitude now can serve us good! For those of you who are looking for a profound transformation in the self, no worries. Changing your diet, newly make a healthy daily routine, embrace the concept of group and community instead of being “all about me” attitude is on the frontline. The Universe is calling all of us to balance the rebellious self (Uranus) and the self-limiting censorship(Saturn) so that we go through our metamorphosis like a beautiful butterfly when Spring approaches this year. 


Letao~the Kingdom Healer





~The four paramount moments in 2021~ Grand Trine in the 4 elements


In 2021, there are four significant days when three planets in the sky will form a grand trine. In astrology, a grand trine is a pattern that forms when three planets on a chart are the same distance from each other, creating an equilateral triangle. This shape is believed to foster confidence, creativity, flow, and harmony. 

On a natal chart, the character traits and talents conferred by the Grand Trine come fairly easily and naturally to the native. It is a harmonious and very stable configuration. People usually are very blessed born with a Grand Trine in their natal chart since they somehow feel things are coming to them without much effort (and sometimes even find it hard to understand what it would be hard for others). In Horary Astrology, each year when a grand trine is formed in the sky, the cosmos is experiencing a collectively harmonious moment, especially when this happens for the first time in the sky in one element in that year. I call this the golden time/day as it is the best day for us to make wishes and even initiate a new beginning. 

Each year, the first time any three planets forming a grand trine in the sky in each element (fire, earth, air and water) symbolises the best time to perform our ritual for spiritual connection and making wishes come true. A fire grand trine represents active inspiration, bold creativity, enthusiasm, pride, and courage. An earth grand trine represents worldly wisdom, an instinct for what's needed for bountiful harvests, sensualism, and financial success. An air grand trine represents ambitious thinking and planning; intellectual curiosity; detachment and calm; and social engagement. A water grand trine represents a vivid inner life, strong feelings, intimacy, artistry, sentimentality, and a desire to reflect. Especially when the Moon is involved in the grand trine, it becomes so personal to us, since the Moon is the symbol of our deep emotional needs and desire. 

So, in 2021, what are the four paramount days when a Grand Trine happens in every element?

(We use the triangle symbol   to represent a trine aspect in Astrology) 

*2nd Jan 2021, first Grand Trine in Fire signs:

Moon in Leo   Venus in Sagittarius   Mars in Aries

Since fire is the element of enthusiasm and passion, Venus (Roman Goddess of love and femininity) trine Mars (Roman God of action and motivation) with the Moon(emotional needs) is a great starry position to wish for fiery romance and sexual love. 



*3rd Jan 2021, first Grand Trine in Earth signs:

Moon in Virgo   Sun in Capricorn   Uranus in Taurus

Since earth is the element of materialism and establishment, Uranus (Roman God of innovation and modernisation trine Sun (Astrological symbol of our willpower) with the Moon(emotional needs) is a wonderful starry position to wish for money and career success, especially if it involves innovative ideas and new adventures. 



*29th Mar 2021, first Grand Trine in Air signs:

Moon in Libra   Saturn in Aquarius   Mars in Gemini

Since Air sign is the element of logics, communication and information, Saturn (Roman God of structure and time) trine Mars (Roman God of action and motivation) with the Moon (emotional needs) is a wonderful starry position to wish for facilitated team work, smooth communication and  informed decision making.


*25th May 2021, first Grand Trine in Water signs:

Moon in Scorpio   Mars in Cancer   Neptune in Pisces 

Since water sign is the element of emotion, sensitivity and intuitive knowledge, Neptune (Roman God of dreams and spirituality) trine Mars (Roman God of action and motivation) with the Moon (emotional needs) is a wonderful starry position to wish for spiritual growth, creative manifestation and cosmic guidance.



On those critical days in 2021, remember to light up a candle, and say your prayers. Depending on the element of the Grand Trine, think about the feelings of the element and how they relate your desire. For example, for a fire Grand Trine, imagine you are next to a warm hearth and surrounded by the fire spirits; if you are doing your water Grand Trine ritual, play some ocean wave sounds as background music and imagine you are seeing limitless blue water. 

If you have crystals, put them in front of you or hold them in hands. Crystals have amazingly healing powers as an important part of our ritual. For fire Grand Trines, Jasper, Sunstone, Ruby and Bloodstone are very helpful; for water Grand Trines, use Aquamarine, Turquoise, Moonstone or Malachite; for earth Grand Trines, use Topaz, Tiger’s Eye, Lapis Lazuli, Smoky Quartz and Garnet; if you are doing the air ritual, try Opal, Amethyst, Jade and Aventurine.



Follow your imagination. There is no source more accurate than that. After all, it’s what you believe spiritually and your pure intention that have the true power. 


Letao~the Kingdom Healer




~the true beginning of Age of Aquarius~2021 overview for your zodiac sign

Beautiful Mountain Sunrise Wallpaper HD 4k by SahibDM on DeviantArt

The term "Age of Aquarius" has been around for decades, and in January 2021, we are welcoming the monumental cosmic event talking place: the two generational planets Jupiter and Saturn will align in the sign of Aquarius for the first time in nearly 400 years. 2021 is all about success and moving forward in life. The period which has been challenging due to the Covid pandemic seems to get better as 2021 opens up new possibilities and the negative energy of the past seems to fade. With a lot of cosmic energy in Saturns Capricorn, the days of doom and gloom are surely getting over. This is not the time to hide from challenges, but to be bold and come out in the open. It seems to be a great period to focus on the hidden talents and explore new possibilities. With planets in more favourable position than last year, this is an excellent period for financial and career advancement. As stars change for the better, there should not be anything that should limit or restrict results. Move forward with a positive and optimistic approach to succeed going forward.   

2020 Horoscopes Preview


These natives will be enriching their knowledge by exploring various realms and discovering new facts. They will be feeling empowered and on top of their life as they will be clasping the precious opportunities in one shot. Redefining the idea of perfection would help them acknowledge their decent efforts. They will be performing the impossible with a glance of the elevated thoughts always guiding them on the right track.



They will be getting a boost of forward-moving fuel that would make them chase their dreams and accomplish them with determination and utmost dedication. Game-changing moments would help them positively transform their lives. Their hard work would reward them with an abundance of fruitful outcomes. Laughter will define their path, and the blissful feelings would stay with them for long.



These natives will get a boost in their determination and the enthusiasm to shine bright amid the existing competition. They will be feeling more energetic and optimistic than ever. They will be preparing themselves to deal with the different types of challenges coming their way. By bringing more sincerity and honesty to their responsibilities and jobs, they will be reaping better outcomes.



These folks will maintain their confidence level in every circumstance, and thus, fresh and golden opportunities would come their way. Getting a plentitude of accomplishment would motivate them to increase their efforts. Faith in their abilities would set them on the favourable path of vigor, euphoria, and excitement. They will be balancing their life in terms of satisfaction and tasks.



These people will stride out of their comfort zone in order to accelerate their efforts in different areas. Life would thrust them into the succeeding stages of a unique plan they've seized tightly to their heart. They will be enhancing their potential to bounce back from heaps of problems. They would re-evaluate themselves and strive to attain the state of perfection in every realm of life.



They will be walking ahead with a can-do attitude and constructive frame of intellect. These people will be opting for the path that would bring significant possibilities for them. These people would do whatever is beneficial and relevant at the same time. They will be swift on their feet as opportunities would knock at their door without much delay. They will be examining things deeply and bring their vision to life.



Their whole perspective would get transformed as they will be submerging themselves in a varied culture. These people will rocket to a respectable position on the work front. The self-worth of these people would continue to grow and expand, as well. They will be solving issues at hand without taking much pressure. They will pace themselves and prepare for all types of challenges meeting during their journey.



These people will be straightforward and dedicated in their approach to attain what they want out of life. The wheel of fortune would favor them due to their never-ending determined efforts. They will be conducting their energies into efficient channels. Their spirit and passion could unnerve the inactive people working in their immediate environment. An elevated sense of serenity is in store.



Discovering new resources and plans as per the requirements of today's testing time would work in favor of these people. Positive energy would keep flowing and recharge the mind and soul of these people. Progress in all the domains of life would push them to try something beyond their limits. They will be staying open to people from diverse backgrounds and would increase their learnings.



As they will be steered by the determination and confidence to succeed, there's nothing that can slow their ambitious ride. These natives will be passing through the stages of transformational processes until they find their track! Besides this, their herculean efforts would load their bags with lots of rewards and accomplishments. They will be building their castles based on the lessons that they have taken during setbacks and disappointments.



These natives will stay creative and youthful enough to discover the good in all the situations surrounding them. Their capabilities and talents will be receiving praise now like never before. Banking upon their intuition would help them identify phenomenal opportunities that would accelerate their growth and development. They will be developing their power to live with the vigor of their convictions.



Their understandings related to numerous subjects, belief structures, and thirst for adventure would continue to prosper and intensify at an instantaneous rhythm. They will be maintaining calmness and peace in their mind and soul by adopting a spiritual healing practice. They will be getting life-changing opportunities from multiple directions to mint money and make significant hops in their life.


Letao~the Kingdom Healer



North Node in Taurus (South Node in Scorpio


In astrology, the North Node represents the qualities that we need to cultivate in order to grow, while the South Node represents the qualities that come naturally to us and that we could rely on too much. Typically, this are the time when we tried to do a lot of experimentation and the things that coming to us. Nowadays, most of us are called to really grow up and find a lasting fulfilment that looks different for each of us. Our node to the north points the way, just like the star to the north in the sky on a clear night. In this section, we will discuss more about the North Node in Taurus.

According to karmic astrology, the North Node in Taurus is your mission of life and soul. Generally, Taurus symbolises the emotional reactions, behaviours and energy to be embraced in your life.

People born with North Node in Taurus have birthday between:

• 20 February 1966 – 19 August 1967

• 12 September 1984 – 6 April 1986

• 15 April 2003 – 26 December 2004

Taurus is the symbol that the fruits of labour are harvested. They feel the need to be always surrounded by love and beauty, turned to the material world, hedonism, and physical pleasure. Moreover, secure and cautious, this is one of the most reliable signs of the zodiac, ready to endure and stick to their decisions until they hit the point of personal fulfilment.

Personality & Characteristics

Based on the research, it is stated that if your north node is in Taurus, you are able to demonstrate what it means to give priority to your personal enjoyment and values. This is because you embody the feminine yin energy of Mother Earth, and by living your life, you teach others how to take care of the Earth naturally, with fidelity and patience. In a simpler word, you become more centered and focused if you just take care of yourself first, and you are able to help and inspired the ones around. You're like the warm embrace of nature that we all want so we can dust ourselves off, pick ourselves up and move on.

One of the trap North Node in Scorpio people tend to fall into is the tendency to look for a soul mate relationship with someone. This means that subcounsciously they contantly want to "exchange energy" with someone, and believe that once they are combined with that person, they will be happy and satisfied. During the process, they tend to give, sacrifice, and expect that the other side would do the same, and finally become "one" with them. This could lead to a later resentment once they realize that the other person they want is not willing to lose themselves as much as North Node in Taurus person. The most important thing for North Node in Taurus person to do is to live their lifes, not based on their "soul mate"'s value and belifs, but they must cultivate a strong sense of who they really are to find the very answer they are seeking in life. 

Not only that, Taurus north nodes’ major life lesson theme is to build a practical and stable life for themselves, with comfort and security at the utmost importance. You are learning to balance the spiritual and material worlds, and by embracing your needs for the tangible and material things, you show the rest of us how we can merge these two worlds. In your younger years, you might have some reservations about wanting material things from having a Scorpio south node. However, you find that the more you surround yourself and adorn your home with tangible things that ground you and are aesthetically pleasing, the more you are in the right mind set to bring the work that you want into form and express your many creative gifts and talents into the world. For example, I have seen many Taurus node node clients not knowing how to handle their money well. They earn and spend their money without any strategy and plans, and whe they are facing a financial crisis, they finally notice that they actually have no savings as their security net. It is critical that Taurus North nodes make their own money in this lifetime and do not readily accept or rely on monetary gifts or the support of well-to-do family members or relatives. With the South Node in Scorpio, the warmth also means hiding in anonymity or secrecy. This life is calling for the opposite, to lift the curtain of secrecy and to tell your truth.

They must always be prepared to have patience in life. They are highly sensual, touch, smell, and all pleasurable senses are extremely important to them, but they still need time to establish a healthy atmosphere and to indulge in their sexual experiences. When they build enough contact with a loved one, they get a little gooey, often even needy, and have to hold their feelings in check, stick to practical logic, while at the same time welcoming the improvement and effort of their partner at all costs.

For long-term relationships, they also select people from the same social setting who are able to adapt to their intellectual needs, but also to the expectations of their family and close friends. Holding on conventional values and the practical side of life, this is an indication who seldom chooses a spouse that does not follow the simple standards of their childhood, always displaying and gaining affection through gifts and material items.

As a matter of fact, the relationship with the Taurus North Node people is not normal at all because they alternate between everything and nothing, even between life and death. All this brings these natives through crises all the time, stuff that can drain not just their souls, but also the souls of their loved ones. When life throws various obstacles at these natives, they feel like they are possessed by foreign powers, not to mention that they may become obsessed. Finding balance in life is top prioity. 


Letao~the Kingdom Healer




The Magical Chemistry between the Astrological Sun and Moon


Sun sign and Moon sign in two people's natal chart is critical in synastry

Many of us flip through a magazine and encounter an astrology page depicting what signs you are compatible with. It goes without saying that we are always interested in advice about love, and who we will meet and fall in love with. Throughout the years when a client comes to me and asks about the information they found in a magazine, I realized there is a huge misconception in "xxx" matches "xxx". I tend to not give much attention to the astrology page in any magazine, no matter how legit it seems. The reason is simply: If you have been following me in my astrology blog, or a client of mine, you probably have heard me talk about “moon sign”, “ascendant sign”, “Venus and Mars” etc. The information a usual magazine gives about stars signs is very limited, for they are simply based on Sun signs alone. As many of you know, we are not a pure Sun sign. Each of us is a unique combination of signs and planets. If you have already seen your own astrological natal chart, which is a map of the alignment of the stars at the moment of your birth, you will see a very complexed picture. I remember years ago when I talked to someone who doesn’t believe in Astrology, he said, “Well, you know I actually think it is impossible to use one sign to define us. We are a bit of everything.” In fact, he was right, that is exactly what Astrology is. There are many different factors going into your horoscope, and the same is true for every other person. However there is one or there are several aspects could be focus for you. For example, what sign is your Sun located in, what sign is your Moon located in, and what sign your chart ruler is located in. These three signs together more or less construct the foundation of your chart, and if all those three signs are different, then there are always three signs in you.


The most accurate and complete answers about chemistry between two individuals can be seen by comparing two birth charts. This is called “Synastry” in Astrology. Before we go further about specifics of synastry, we should be aware that chart comparison is based on the relationship between planets in the two charts, in astrological terms, on the aspects (whether they are harmonious or not). Sun, Moon and Ascendant are the three critical points in our horoscope, and to have a natural and balanced relationship, we need to have those critical points in harmony with each other between two individuals. The most important pairing is your Sun sign and the other person’s Moon sign, and vice versa.




Here we must notice that we are not comparing two individual’s Sun signs. If you are an Aries and someone else is also an Aries, it does not mean that you will for sure get along due to your Sun signs are the same and would share commonality. However, if you Sun sign is Aries, and your partner or friend’s Moon sign is also in Aries, especially when they are located in the similar degrees in Aries, the chance that you two will get along is then very high.


Why? The sun is often referred to as the masculine principle in astrology, and  it represents a person’s outward expression. The moon is called the feminine principle, since it represents the emotional side. If a man has the Moon in his First house, he is usually the kind of man who is in touch with his emotions-someone who accepts feelings comfortably rather than someone who tries to repress them (unless there is difficult aspect from Saturn). If a woman has the sun in her first house, she tends to have a strong sense of self or an authority and dignity about her that is natural part of her personality. The Sun is Yang and Moon is Ying. It does not matter if you are comparing a man or a woman, we all have both Ying and Yang in us. When one person’s outward expression (Yang) energy matches the other person’s inward feelings (Ying), the magic happens and there tends to be a very strong bond, because they can resonate with each other very well.


Let's look at this practically. Let's say you have moon sign in Capricorn, there is a natural tendency in you that you need orders and control over things to feel safe and secure. When you lose control, you tend to get anxious and worry. When you meet someone whose sun sign is in Capricorn, since sun sign shows their identity and sense of self, you will tend to like them because their way of living their life, and dealing with things in an orderly, structured way fulfil your emotional needs. So let’s say you, the Capricorn moon person is going on a trip with two friends. One friend is a Capricorn sun sign, the other one is Sagittarius sun sign. The Capricorn sun sign friend will double check schedules, do their research and make sure everything is well prepared because they like to take the responsibility to make sure everything is on track (Capricorn quality); well the Sagittarius sun sign friend is freewheeling, going with the flow and not being too fussy about anything(Sagittarius quality). Naturally, as the Capricorn moon person, in order to feel secure, naturally you would be drawn to the Capricorn sun person and want to travel with him/her more often than the Sagittarius sun sign person.


Vice versa, if you are a Sagittarius moon person, you feel safe and secure when you have freedom, and focusing more on the bigger picture. A Capricorn sun sign person would be too rigid or too serious for you. When Capricorn sun sign is calling you to discuss the schedule to make sure everything is under control, you might think, “Just chill, what’s the problem? We can just go with the flow, no need to decide everything now.”


Of course, this does not mean that you and your partner/best friend must share the same Sun-Moon sign to be together. However, Sun-Moon synastry plays a very important part and I do realise that a good Sun-Moon match could take us through life. Each sign has four other good matches apart from itself. Below is a chart I have drawn for your reference. If you are an Aries moon sign, look for the green circles to know what Sun signs would be a great match for you.


First of all, find out what your moon sign is. You can check it here: . You will need to know your accurate birth time to locate your moon sign. For instance, if you have moon sign in Gemini, then you know sun sign in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra and Aquarius tend to have better understanding with you and thus easily form good relationships together. 



Sun sign and Moon sign matching reference

Of course, Synastry is a very complex study and today we merely talked about the comparison between one person’s sun and the other person’s moon. There are many other factors and pairs professional astrologies often look at, such as Venus-Mars compatibility; Ascendant and sun/moon compatibility etc. In the future blogs, I will write more about synastry.


Letao~the Kingdom Healer