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North Node in Taurus (South Node in Scorpio


In astrology, the North Node represents the qualities that we need to cultivate in order to grow, while the South Node represents the qualities that come naturally to us and that we could rely on too much. Typically, this are the time when we tried to do a lot of experimentation and the things that coming to us. Nowadays, most of us are called to really grow up and find a lasting fulfilment that looks different for each of us. Our node to the north points the way, just like the star to the north in the sky on a clear night. In this section, we will discuss more about the North Node in Taurus.

According to karmic astrology, the North Node in Taurus is your mission of life and soul. Generally, Taurus symbolises the emotional reactions, behaviours and energy to be embraced in your life.

People born with North Node in Taurus have birthday between:

• 20 February 1966 – 19 August 1967

• 12 September 1984 – 6 April 1986

• 15 April 2003 – 26 December 2004

Taurus is the symbol that the fruits of labour are harvested. They feel the need to be always surrounded by love and beauty, turned to the material world, hedonism, and physical pleasure. Moreover, secure and cautious, this is one of the most reliable signs of the zodiac, ready to endure and stick to their decisions until they hit the point of personal fulfilment.

Personality & Characteristics

Based on the research, it is stated that if your north node is in Taurus, you are able to demonstrate what it means to give priority to your personal enjoyment and values. This is because you embody the feminine yin energy of Mother Earth, and by living your life, you teach others how to take care of the Earth naturally, with fidelity and patience. In a simpler word, you become more centered and focused if you just take care of yourself first, and you are able to help and inspired the ones around. You're like the warm embrace of nature that we all want so we can dust ourselves off, pick ourselves up and move on.

One of the trap North Node in Scorpio people tend to fall into is the tendency to look for a soul mate relationship with someone. This means that subcounsciously they contantly want to "exchange energy" with someone, and believe that once they are combined with that person, they will be happy and satisfied. During the process, they tend to give, sacrifice, and expect that the other side would do the same, and finally become "one" with them. This could lead to a later resentment once they realize that the other person they want is not willing to lose themselves as much as North Node in Taurus person. The most important thing for North Node in Taurus person to do is to live their lifes, not based on their "soul mate"'s value and belifs, but they must cultivate a strong sense of who they really are to find the very answer they are seeking in life. 

Not only that, Taurus north nodes’ major life lesson theme is to build a practical and stable life for themselves, with comfort and security at the utmost importance. You are learning to balance the spiritual and material worlds, and by embracing your needs for the tangible and material things, you show the rest of us how we can merge these two worlds. In your younger years, you might have some reservations about wanting material things from having a Scorpio south node. However, you find that the more you surround yourself and adorn your home with tangible things that ground you and are aesthetically pleasing, the more you are in the right mind set to bring the work that you want into form and express your many creative gifts and talents into the world. For example, I have seen many Taurus node node clients not knowing how to handle their money well. They earn and spend their money without any strategy and plans, and whe they are facing a financial crisis, they finally notice that they actually have no savings as their security net. It is critical that Taurus North nodes make their own money in this lifetime and do not readily accept or rely on monetary gifts or the support of well-to-do family members or relatives. With the South Node in Scorpio, the warmth also means hiding in anonymity or secrecy. This life is calling for the opposite, to lift the curtain of secrecy and to tell your truth.

They must always be prepared to have patience in life. They are highly sensual, touch, smell, and all pleasurable senses are extremely important to them, but they still need time to establish a healthy atmosphere and to indulge in their sexual experiences. When they build enough contact with a loved one, they get a little gooey, often even needy, and have to hold their feelings in check, stick to practical logic, while at the same time welcoming the improvement and effort of their partner at all costs.

For long-term relationships, they also select people from the same social setting who are able to adapt to their intellectual needs, but also to the expectations of their family and close friends. Holding on conventional values and the practical side of life, this is an indication who seldom chooses a spouse that does not follow the simple standards of their childhood, always displaying and gaining affection through gifts and material items.

As a matter of fact, the relationship with the Taurus North Node people is not normal at all because they alternate between everything and nothing, even between life and death. All this brings these natives through crises all the time, stuff that can drain not just their souls, but also the souls of their loved ones. When life throws various obstacles at these natives, they feel like they are possessed by foreign powers, not to mention that they may become obsessed. Finding balance in life is top prioity. 


Letao~the Kingdom Healer