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The Magical Chemistry between the Astrological Sun and Moon


Sun sign and Moon sign in two people's natal chart is critical in synastry

Many of us flip through a magazine and encounter an astrology page depicting what signs you are compatible with. It goes without saying that we are always interested in advice about love, and who we will meet and fall in love with. Throughout the years when a client comes to me and asks about the information they found in a magazine, I realized there is a huge misconception in "xxx" matches "xxx". I tend to not give much attention to the astrology page in any magazine, no matter how legit it seems. The reason is simply: If you have been following me in my astrology blog, or a client of mine, you probably have heard me talk about “moon sign”, “ascendant sign”, “Venus and Mars” etc. The information a usual magazine gives about stars signs is very limited, for they are simply based on Sun signs alone. As many of you know, we are not a pure Sun sign. Each of us is a unique combination of signs and planets. If you have already seen your own astrological natal chart, which is a map of the alignment of the stars at the moment of your birth, you will see a very complexed picture. I remember years ago when I talked to someone who doesn’t believe in Astrology, he said, “Well, you know I actually think it is impossible to use one sign to define us. We are a bit of everything.” In fact, he was right, that is exactly what Astrology is. There are many different factors going into your horoscope, and the same is true for every other person. However there is one or there are several aspects could be focus for you. For example, what sign is your Sun located in, what sign is your Moon located in, and what sign your chart ruler is located in. These three signs together more or less construct the foundation of your chart, and if all those three signs are different, then there are always three signs in you.


The most accurate and complete answers about chemistry between two individuals can be seen by comparing two birth charts. This is called “Synastry” in Astrology. Before we go further about specifics of synastry, we should be aware that chart comparison is based on the relationship between planets in the two charts, in astrological terms, on the aspects (whether they are harmonious or not). Sun, Moon and Ascendant are the three critical points in our horoscope, and to have a natural and balanced relationship, we need to have those critical points in harmony with each other between two individuals. The most important pairing is your Sun sign and the other person’s Moon sign, and vice versa.




Here we must notice that we are not comparing two individual’s Sun signs. If you are an Aries and someone else is also an Aries, it does not mean that you will for sure get along due to your Sun signs are the same and would share commonality. However, if you Sun sign is Aries, and your partner or friend’s Moon sign is also in Aries, especially when they are located in the similar degrees in Aries, the chance that you two will get along is then very high.


Why? The sun is often referred to as the masculine principle in astrology, and  it represents a person’s outward expression. The moon is called the feminine principle, since it represents the emotional side. If a man has the Moon in his First house, he is usually the kind of man who is in touch with his emotions-someone who accepts feelings comfortably rather than someone who tries to repress them (unless there is difficult aspect from Saturn). If a woman has the sun in her first house, she tends to have a strong sense of self or an authority and dignity about her that is natural part of her personality. The Sun is Yang and Moon is Ying. It does not matter if you are comparing a man or a woman, we all have both Ying and Yang in us. When one person’s outward expression (Yang) energy matches the other person’s inward feelings (Ying), the magic happens and there tends to be a very strong bond, because they can resonate with each other very well.


Let's look at this practically. Let's say you have moon sign in Capricorn, there is a natural tendency in you that you need orders and control over things to feel safe and secure. When you lose control, you tend to get anxious and worry. When you meet someone whose sun sign is in Capricorn, since sun sign shows their identity and sense of self, you will tend to like them because their way of living their life, and dealing with things in an orderly, structured way fulfil your emotional needs. So let’s say you, the Capricorn moon person is going on a trip with two friends. One friend is a Capricorn sun sign, the other one is Sagittarius sun sign. The Capricorn sun sign friend will double check schedules, do their research and make sure everything is well prepared because they like to take the responsibility to make sure everything is on track (Capricorn quality); well the Sagittarius sun sign friend is freewheeling, going with the flow and not being too fussy about anything(Sagittarius quality). Naturally, as the Capricorn moon person, in order to feel secure, naturally you would be drawn to the Capricorn sun person and want to travel with him/her more often than the Sagittarius sun sign person.


Vice versa, if you are a Sagittarius moon person, you feel safe and secure when you have freedom, and focusing more on the bigger picture. A Capricorn sun sign person would be too rigid or too serious for you. When Capricorn sun sign is calling you to discuss the schedule to make sure everything is under control, you might think, “Just chill, what’s the problem? We can just go with the flow, no need to decide everything now.”


Of course, this does not mean that you and your partner/best friend must share the same Sun-Moon sign to be together. However, Sun-Moon synastry plays a very important part and I do realise that a good Sun-Moon match could take us through life. Each sign has four other good matches apart from itself. Below is a chart I have drawn for your reference. If you are an Aries moon sign, look for the green circles to know what Sun signs would be a great match for you.


First of all, find out what your moon sign is. You can check it here: . You will need to know your accurate birth time to locate your moon sign. For instance, if you have moon sign in Gemini, then you know sun sign in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra and Aquarius tend to have better understanding with you and thus easily form good relationships together. 



Sun sign and Moon sign matching reference

Of course, Synastry is a very complex study and today we merely talked about the comparison between one person’s sun and the other person’s moon. There are many other factors and pairs professional astrologies often look at, such as Venus-Mars compatibility; Ascendant and sun/moon compatibility etc. In the future blogs, I will write more about synastry.


Letao~the Kingdom Healer