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Letao's predictive reading about Covid-19 and Hong Kong's future economy

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With 109 countries confirming coronavirus cases, and several countries reporting suspected cases, the outbreak of Covid-19 has already placed the world on a public health high-alert. Originated in Wuhan China, the virus spread to Hong Kong in late January, soon in February to European continent and many other countries. Medical professionals are exerting every effort to find treatment for this horrifying disease, and governments around the world are also taking precautionary measures to minimise the transmission. Hong Kong, where I live in, has been hit severely, following the over 6 months anti-government protests. Businesses have suffered tremendously, especially in travel and service industry.

Recently, I have had quite a few clients consulting me regarding their career. Since business has been very slow for companies in general, many clients have concerns regarding the future economy of Hong Kong and if they should consider relocation. Thus I did two separate readings regarding two issues at hand: 1) Will Coronavirus be contained successfully at a global level with in the next 3 months? 2) Will Hong Kong economy recover well at a general level in the near future?

I deliberately didn’t set a specific time time line for the second question. The reason is that for economy to recover, it usually takes longer time. We can see “near future” roughly as the next 1~1.5 years. I meditated for a while, shuffled the cards well while praying for the ending of this global disaster. Then I laid the cards down.

  1. Will Coronavirus be contained successfully at a global level with in the next 3 months?

                               *JUSTICE - 7 of WANDS - 10 of PENTACLES


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Justice is the energy of professionalism, clear-cut decisions and action. The goddess of Justice raises her sacred sword passing her holy judgement; her left hand is holding a scale, symbolising justice itself as well as fairness. This card is a great representation showing governments (authority->Goddess of Justice) around the worlds are taking whatever it has to stop the spread of the virus. The sword looks sharp, almost as cold as the ban to shut down the severely affected cities away from the world. It is emotionless, but it is logical and necessary. At the end of the day, it is a “fair” move. This card when appeared in a reading, it is also calling us to react in a professional way instead of being emotional and personal. So, seems we are on track so far.

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On the card of 7 of Wands, we see a man who is standing on a tall hill and being challenged by the opponents below. He seems to be defending this position and attacking in retaliation. This is a perfect picture sitting in the middle position of the card spread, as if we are holding firmly our weapon (hand sanitisers, disinfectant spray, or whatever kills virus!!!) to defend ourselves. The 7 of Wands is not simply about fighting, it signifies a struggle that we need to go through to maintain our position, even though it is challenging. It tells us the difficulties we face to continue to have success, and it is also the perfect time for governments to prove it to people that they are capable, decisive and they deserve to stand on top to play the role of authority. The card after 7 of Wands, however, will give us the result.

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When I see 10 of Pentacles, I smiled. This is a great card to have as the result of a situation. This is the energy of stability, long-lasting heritage as well as prosperity. Can you see the smiles and warmth on the old man’s face? It depicts a happy family photo, father, mother, grandparents and children with pets. This strikes me as family members being discharged from hospitals and finally reunite with their loved ones! Since pentacle falls under the earth element energy, it symbolises our physical stamina and body strength. With “10” golden shinny coins on the arch, we know soon we will find our balance back!

This is a big relief. I thank the Universe for guiding us. 

I re-shuffled the cards. Now, what about Hong Kong? What about its future? A lot of people worry that the problems are much deeper than a temporary virus spread. Will Hong Kong ever find its prosperity again?


2) Will Hong Kong economy recover well at a general level in the near future?

             *KNIGHT of WANDS- 8 of WANDS- WORLD- 2 of CUPS- STAR

Again, I smiled. What a beautiful spread to see. The first thing I noticed is that the travel industry in Hong Kong, specifically Cathay Pacific Airways, will welcome a good boost of energy. Knight of Wands, 8 of Wands as well as World are all travel themed cards. They symbolise travel, airlines and international expansion. Having the World card sitting in the middle, this also signify a breakthrough. World is a card of freedom and renewal. As the final major arcana in the 78 tarot deck, it represents the concept of “completion”. This is telling us that there will be a new chapter for Hong Kong, a movement from Knight of Wands+8 of Wands towards 2 of Cups and Stars. This makes perfect sense. Knight of Wands is fiery, and 8 of Wands symbolises speed. Hong Kong’s development as the financial centre of Asia happened lightening fast. Hong Kong was the fiery knight on horse, charging forward and leaving everyone else in Asia behind. The World card is a completion and transformation. It symbolises the recognition that Hong Kong has gained in the international community and we must acknowledge what we have achieved so far. The floral wreath on the World card comes in full circle, so has Hong Kong.


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2 of Cups and Stars are the future. 2 of Cups gives us a big hint about what we must do to bring in a better future. Do you see the man the woman gazing at each other with gentleness, holding their golden cups and each others hands, and the powerful magic happens with the winged lion in the sky? Are they in love? Is this a wedding? Or are they simply spending a great time together?                                      

         f:id:theKingdomHealer:20200311211415p:plain         Image result for Robin Wood stars

2 of Cups is about collaboration, agreement and diplomacy. In an economic recover question, this is calling Hong Kong to build a strong and successful business partnership. Please imagine a successful marriage. The husband and wife must have similar goals, mutual respect and understanding for each other. Do you see in the card that the man and woman have different racial background, and they wear contrastive color clothes? It tells us that Hong Kong needs to find its inner peace. Our goal over the next 1~1.5 years is to achieve harmony and balance overall despite the differences in us. This “partnership” could be internal, between people with opposing political viewpoints; between parents and their teenager children who have fallen out during the 2019 Hong Kong upheaval; it could also be external, and probably most importantly between Hong Kong and the international community, in particular its long term partner China. When the two powerful economies, as well as their peoples can finally raise their own golden cups and say “cheers!”  in an open, fair and logical way, we will see a beautiful future—-as the final card “the star” shows, the energy of faith, hope, healing and unlimited possibilities.


Letao~the Kingdom Healer